I know how popular WordPress blogs are right now. That's because they are powerful website tools that easily create an easy to use online store, blog or membership site. If you have a WordPress blog and you want to liven it up a bit, here is a great tip for you and showing your videos to the world. if you don't have a WordPress blog site, it's something that you really need to have for your online marketing efforts.
On the sidebar of just about any WordPress template are widgets. They can found in your "appearance" section of your dashboard. Check out the ones you already have. There areones for text, HTML, pictures, catagories...you name it. The coolest one by far is the "YouTube Video Widget." This gives you the ability to put your YouTube videos on the righthand sidebar of your blog so people can watch them. It's so easy to use. Just search for the widget in your "add widget" section, drag the widget into your sidebar and add the URL of your YouTube video to the form and click "save."
Showing videos is a powerful marketing tool especially for artists. You can demonstrate you form, help teach people to create their own art or show of your work. You may have placed videos on your blog posts already but the big difference here with the plugin is that now your videos have become a permanent part of your template... available for viewing on every page. A video that welcomes the reader to the site or introduces you to your readers will be the most powerful an appropriate one to have. Check your plugins periodically for new and interesting ones that can make your blog come alive.

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