The design of websites by individuals, corporate organizations, institution and Government of different countries has increased tremendously. It is importance and relevance of integrating and narrowing world into a global village cannot be over emphasized. The World Wide Web is an integral, important and exciting part of the internet. The internet is a broad to computer that links together small network of computer equipment that has been joined together in order to shared information and resources. The World Wide Web consist of a multimedia element such as art galleries magazine, sound, music, educational materials, video etc. the Websites contain millions of document stored on several web pages in a host server as well as design of these web pages can be done using Hypertext Makeup language (HTML) , Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), Script with php and Structure query language (sql). These are all set s or series of instructions which you add to ordinary text documents is a webpage and how the information on it should be displayed. We have decided to embark on this project in order to bring the benefits of the World Wide Web to the Ilorin Comprehensive High School will increase their efficiencies in terms of services quality of education and to better their correspondence with their students and other Secondary Schools irrespective of geographical locations.
The role of World Wide Web in the development process of Institution like the Ilorin Comprehensive High School cannot be over emphasized. This stems from the fact that the school still carries out most of it activities using manual method which include the registration and result thereby I came to conclusion in order to improve the standard of this great school and the widely spread of the website all these should be done via internet for easy and quick access.
Online Registration: interest candidate from different geographical location can purchase and submit all the application forms in the schools thereby reduces the application misplaced or miss-handled form.
Checking of Result: student are unable to easily reference their result in case of theft, fire, outbreak or when misplaced.

The aim and objectives of this project is to design a website that will improve the manual method of result checking and admission processing of Ilorin Comprehensive High school
I. To prevent lost of student data and records during fire outbreaks, thefts etc.
II. For easy access of the existing student and incoming application to know more about the school
This study is targeted at utilizing the vast potential and benefits of the internet judiciously and effectively (i.e online admission processing and result processing) this will increase the awareness of management towards new innovations, better their correspondence with other institution raise the standard of school as well as it efficiency and to reduce the problems associated with manual results checking and application for admission of Ilorin Comprehensive High School.

This project work is limited to these two major areas
a. Online application for admission of the Ilorin Comprehensive High School.
b. Result checking of Ilorin Comprehensive High School.

I. School: A place where children are taught and imply knowledge
II. Student: someone who is studying at a school
III. Classroom: A room that you have lesson In at school or colleges.
IV. Principal: This is a person heading and controlling the school
V. Teacher: Someone whose job is to teach.
VI. Period: One of the equal parts that the school days are divided into lesson.
VII. School calendar: A system for dividing the time, that fixed the event from which they are measure or arrange days into month and year of the school.
VIII. Bandwidth: A measurement of the amount of data that can flow through a link between computers. It is measure in bits per second (bps).
IX. Browser: A piece of software used to find and display document stored on the internet.
X. Arpanet: (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) this is used by U.S department of Defence responsible for the research and technical development in where no single service has a clear jurisdiction.
XI. Download: Simply means to copy a file on internet to your computer.
XII. FTP Client: A program that enable one to contact another computer on the internet in order to exchange files.
XIII. HTML (Hpertext Transfer Protocol): The standard language that allows web clients and server to communicate.
XIV. ISP (Internet Service Provider): These are companies that offer access to internet for a fee to it’s subscribers.
XV. Tag: HTML instruction enclosed in angular brackets.
XVI. Protocol: Set of rules that allows for orderly and proper exchange of information in the network.
XVII. Webpage : A computer document in HTML and linked to other computer documents by hyper link.
XVIII. WWW (World Wide Web) : This is the most exciting part of the Internet and usually refer to as Web, it works under a technology called hypermedia. Hypermedia allows the transfer of text, sound video, graphics, art, movies etc.
XIX. URL (Uniform Resource Location) : It is the address that enable you connect to any website of your choice.
XX. Internet: Interconnection of several network of computer i.e many server are interconnected with one another on different host location.
XXI. Homepage: This refer to the first page opened when you visit any Website/Webpage.
XXII. Hyperlinks: The links that will link you to other Webpage/Website, this can be graphics, font colored ,
XXIII. text e.t.c on the internet.
XXIV. Database: The logical collection of data and information with minimum duplication and redundancy.
XXV. Web Client: Web client are those dependant computers that request / receive information from the Web servers.

This project is arranged according to how it is carryout and logically design for easy understanding.
The chapter one comprises of the background of study, the problems, the aims and objectives, significance and scope of study.
The chapter two comprises of the literature review, review of related literature on the subject, the overview of the internet, historical background of the case study.
The chapter three also consist of the methodology research design , method of data collection, problem of the existing system, description of proposed system and the advantages of the proposed system.
The chapter four consists of the design and implementation of the system such as the output design and specification, input design, database design, procedure design, choice of programming language, the hardware support, software support, also the system documentation i.e program documentation, operating the system, maintaining the system.
The chapter five is the concluding part of the project which include the summary, the problems encounters during the research conclusion and recommendation

EDITOR SOURCE: Online Registration And Result Checking For Secondary School In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Ilorin Comprehensive High School, Ilorin).

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