Remedial classes are taken for students who fall behind in their basics and the advancement of the subject is not fully understood by them. Generally, students have an issue with subjects like math, science and English. If the teacher of these subjects takes a little care about the students like attending to them personally and explaining them the concept until they understand is the simple way, hard way and the only way through which weak students can understand the subject.

Students lag behind in a subject only when they have problem understanding the basics. Say for ex: if a child who is in 8th grade is weak in math, then if the teacher instead of mocking the student, tries to teach him basics of math like multiplication, division mainly arithmetic, then the student will fair well in the subject, given some time.

Remedial classes are necessary for students who don’t understand a subject properly. Teachers should keep in mind that not all students have the same capacity to understand each and every subject. Some students might do well in science but not in math, and some might do well in math and not in science and so on and so forth. And also each student’s way of learning, ability to learn will obviously be different. So, a teacher should keep in mind all these things while taking remedial classes. Actually, if every class is taken, keeping in mind the above things, there would be no need for any remedial classes.

A teacher should raise the curiosity of a child towards a subject. This curiosity in a child is like a chain-reaction, once it is started, then there’s no way anybody can stop it. It is difficult in the first place to start this chain reaction. So, in order to raise the curiosity in a child, the class must be interesting. If the teacher makes a little effort on how to make the class interesting, then two-thirds of the work is done.

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At, we take a different approach to tackle the issues of weak students. Our tutors are well-qualified individuals with Masters and Doctorate Degrees in diverse subjects from Ivy League Universities with a passion to teach.

How does it work?
The process is very simple and has been designed keeping in mind the requirement of the students. When a student comes and registers with us. We take a simple knowledge assessment test to know, how good the student is in the subject. And depending upon the aptitude and the depth of knowledge of the student, he is tutored accordingly. If a student is weak in a subject then more stress will be put on that particular subject. And our tutors make sure that the student is well versed in basics and good to go ahead. Personal attention is also our specialty.

Pricing of Online Remedial classes –
And last but not the least is the price of these services. We have three packages viz (1) Beginner’s Package, (2) In-Depth Package and (3) Deep Drive Package.

#. The Beginner’s Package starts at $24.99. This package allows a student to take 30-minutes of tutoring from our experts.

#. The In-Depth Package starts at $39.99. This package allows a student to take 60-minutes of tutoring.

#. And lastly, the Deep Drive package starts at $69.99. This package allows the student to take 120-minutes of tutoring. This package is beneficial for students who need to be thorough in their basics and who need to pickup pace. The two-hour sessions groom them in such a way that in three to six-months of time, they can do wonders in those subjects.

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Albert Frank is an online tutor at He has been teaching through the portal for more than 7 years now. He is an expert in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.