Every country holds a certain industrial sector accountable for their steady and burgeoning economy. Well, this is a colloquial case in every country, whether developed or under developed. India too has been soaring high due to its blooming economy after the recessional meltdown. However, a gigantic percentage of working professionals, who were able-bodied managed to survive the financial debacle and stepped out as victors. The only industrial sector, that did not hit a lull nor faced subsiding profits were multi-level marketing set-ups, for example Qnet India.

With expansion of business operations and venturing into a multiple product concepts, the multi-level marketing firms culled out numerous alternatives for unemployed and employed individuals. These people could work from within the comfort of their homes, or even at work and mint extra cash. The rules and regulations were flexible, which proved advantageous to working professionals due to their prior commitments. The only ironclad principle, companies like Qnet India had to abide by was salaries should equal the number of sales. For instance, if an employee has to manage a website displaying products by his mother ship, all he had to do was use marketing tools and tactics and make sales. The amount of sales exacted the amount of compensation paid to him or her.

It was a perfect, revenue generating strategy. A definite win-win situation. However catastrophe stroke when few employees were unable to churn out sales and motivate themselves to sell products. This led to havoc, labelling multi-level marketing companies as scammers. Few failed so they decided to sink the entire ship. There were negative reviews fluttering online about the fraudulent practices, such companies ensued and carried out. Qnet India was also defamed and the entire organization had to bear the brunt of few angry and disgruntled employees.

Internet is a readily available marketing and advertising tool, whose power known no bounds. It is an archive of reviews, good and bad, noted and posted by many unknown to the cause. A multi-level marketing company, once known for its integrity and honesty, is now being held in contempt. A company no matter which sector and industry it belongs to, is not accountable for an individual’s incapability. Such multi-level marketing firms were the only hope for young and throbbing entrepreneurs to conceptualize and materialize their idea. These types of companies allow a person to start his own business without lump sum capital.

Qnet India was held responsible despite the fact that they had rules and regulations planned and structured for benefit of their own employees. People need to cease to be passive listeners and readers. Everything that is written and posted online and otherwise is not true but there is a possibility it can be fabricated. Yes, it can be and to an extent of tarnishing a well-built image and brand. The Indian economy is in desperate need of such multi-level marketing companies. Financial crisis in the present times can be overthrown by using the services these companies have to offer and making the best out of them.

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