We at Vinex Shop, offering you best fitness equipment to stay fit and be healthy for a long time. Company manufacturer abdominal exercise machine helps to strengthen your abs muscles and challenge your body in different ways and keep your workout more funny and interesting. The Abdominal Exercise Machine is manufactured with high quality material and designed for the lifetime usage and it is very light weighted, compact and very comfortable.

Company offers a large range of Abdominal Exercise Equipment including:

ETOS-AB Exerciser: This machine is the perfect fitness equipment that helps you to manage a complete 360 degree total core workout. It is also known as Total Core – AB machine in which it has timer, ball and skipping rope. Our advanced Total Core workout targets all the muscles of the torso including abs (upper and lower), front core, side oblique, back of core, lower back and pelvis. AB-Exercise machine is made of steel, plastic and foam and can manage maximum 120 Kg weight.

ABSTAR AB Exercising Chair Style: This machine is also known as AB Doer Twist Machine and it is the 360-degree approach to total body fitness. It has a comfortable seat and the foam roller gives you a revitalizing and therapeutic massage while you work out. This machine builds lean muscles, tightens your core and burns calories at the same time.

ETOSNEX-AB Exerciser: This equipment also known as AB Back Stretcher, Back Muscle Exerciser and Torso Strengthen Trainer including timer, ball and skipping rope. This machine offers you the best way to workout slim down and builds muscles in the comfort at your home. It helps to improve lumbar, lower back, flexibility with adjustable padded head rest.

AB Swing – AB Knee-Swing Exerciser: This machine is also known as AB Circle Pro and a fitness product for both men and women. It is one of the most popular product to lose belly fat and get flat abs. AB Circle Pro helps to reduce and slim down your buns hips, thighs and many more.

AB Classic AB Exerciser Bench Style: It is a home abdominal exercise bench designed to improve the effectiveness of abdominal exercise and also known as AB King Pro Bench. With the use of AB King Pro properly you can easily develop strength stamina and shape in a safe and optimal manner.

AB Rocket AB Exercising Riser Bench: AB Rocket is the great way to enhance your figure and health and it is the great way to enhance your figure, health and total body toning solution.

Regular Sit-Up Bench: It is an efficient way to exercise your whole body in the comfort of your home. This machine is designed for sit-ups, abdominal and upper body workouts.

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