The COVID-19 outbreak has already covered the globe, and still, businesses are looking forward to streamlining with the same pace and profit count. Offline businesses are highly affected by all these disasters.

Interestingly, much has changed for offline buyers, and hence they have mostly migrated to online shopping. Germany is one of the popular countries that have witnessed a significant impact of the COVID-outbreak.

In Germany, during the crucial period of lockdown, e-commerce platforms worked as the backbone of the common man and served their needs.

According to the statistics, nearly 55% of retail businesses have lost their earning.

On one hand, the retail businesses lost their existence in the German market, eCommerce standstill. Yet, they witness some issues like delayed deliveries, increase in prices (due to increase in VAT), and home delivery issues in containment zones.

During the lockdown, eCommerce was the only source to get the daily essentials and continue your survival.

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It's good for people who still rely on offline shopping to continue reading further and find the strong reasons behind shifting from offline to online purchases.

Save Transportation Expense: In making an online order, you don't need any transportation to burn your fuel and reach the physical store for purchase. Instead, it saves your transportation expense and enables you to make purchases online without moving out of your house/office. Online shopping is not anyhow connected to any transportation expenses.

Save Your Time: Whether you are an employee or a business owner, time is money, and hence you always prefer investing time in productive activities. With online shopping, you can make an order with a click, saving your time and efforts. Further, local stores are open in the daytime. However, online stores are available 24x7. So, you can make your purchases anytime you find suitable.

Exciting Offers: You will always find exciting deals when shopping online. Local stores have fixed price that isn't a great deal for you. On the contrary, eCommerce websites are growing with time, so is their competition. Hence, these online platforms better focus on offering deals and discounts on every purchase.

Completely Safe & Secure: Buying online is 100% safe. Online payment gateway is completely safe and secure to make your payment. Hence you can fully rely on online payment and make your purchases without worrying about fraud.

So, if you are a German resident, you should definitely think a bit about migrating from offline stores to online platforms. The online platform gives you numerous offers that you can't get visiting physical stores. So, make the right decision and save big on every purchase.

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