When deciding on the best stocks to buy there are a number of steps you should take and concepts you should consider. This way you can figure out how you can make your stock portfolio the most profitable it can be.

Choosing Your Stocks

The stock market follows the simple law of supply and demand. In order to invest efficiently, the best stocks to buy are those which are not in demand. You need to purchase undervalued stock. The next step is to choose the companies in which you want to invest. It is important to have a focus while choosing stocks. In the NYSE alone, there are approximately 3,000 businesses to choose from.

To narrow this list down, make sure you choose the best stocks to buy by:

* understanding what the business is
* taking time to conduct thorough research and fundamental stock analysis
* avoiding companies with poor stock performance and legal issues
* Checking present as well as future shares analysis. Keep on the lookout for companies which are not popular for stock trading at present but will potentially be in the future.

Composing Your Stock Portfolio

The main idea behind a stock portfolio is that placing all of your money into only one stock is a large risk. If this company were to become bankrupt then you would lose all your savings. It makes more financial sense to stock buy into a number of companies. This is referred to as a stock portfolio.

A financial advisor can help you with portfolio analysis although this can be costly. Portfolio software is an easier and far cheaper option. In fact, there are a number of free websites online which can provide you with technical analysis and assist you in deciding on the best stocks to buy to compose your portfolio.

Optimizing your stock portfolio

Optimizing your stock portfolio involves making sure you can make the highest profit at the lowest risk. There are four main ways by which you can decide on the best trading strategies and find the best stocks to buy:

* By installing software onto your laptop or computer: although very useful, it is not the cheapest option and involves learning how to use it properly. You may find you require a software technical advisor to assist you with this.
* By Using Matlab: for this you need to understand how to compose scripts and require a Matlab license.
* By Producing Excel spreadsheets: although less expensive, this is a very tedious method.
* Finding a website: if you search online, you should be able to find a site which provides free technical analysis for stock portfolio optimization. An online financial advisor will be able to offer the guidance you need.

Deciding on the best stocks to buy is an important decision for your savings. The best route is to conduct share analysis and seek professional guidance. Choosing the best stocks to buy may at first appear daunting. By picking business fields you understand and a diverse number of companies which you have analyzed thoroughly, you should be able to relax with the decisions you have made.

Author's Bio: 

Steve Taylor holds PhD in Physics from Cornell University. His current area of interest is application of advanced mathematical algorithms in financial analysis and market forecasting. He acts as a consultant at FAStocks.com