The days of having to go around banks and open accounts to meet the requirements of all documents are gone. Technology has evolved so much that today everything is available at your fingertips.
You can do your KYC at home no need to go to the bank, just upload the documents, and you are done with the KYC.

Why are we talking about technology so much;

Today we are going to understand how to do online stock trading.
Whether online or offline,

Step 1: The first basic step in trading is finding a stockbroker.

A stock broker allows you to open a Demat account trading account. When making decisions regarding stockbrokers, check the rates and maintenance costs of your Demat and trading accounts. In addition to the account fee, we check the brokerage fee charged each time an order is performed. Brokerage fees may be charged as a per-transaction volume or per transaction, depending on the broker's policy.

Step 2: open Demat account
After choosing the stockbroker open your Demat account and trading account, with a trading account you can place a buy and sell order, and the Demat account stores the shares in digital format.
You need to fill the account opening form with a broker, you require your PAN, Aadhaar, address, and bank details. You need to upload the above-mentioned documents as proof. The next step is a digital sign and submit your application.

Step 3: Add money to account
After opening the Demat account you will be sent a login id and password in your email. After successful login, you can add money to your trading account from your bank account linked.

Step 4: Start trading
After adding money, you can start your trading journey, before that you need to fill the CKYC form with the respective broker. CKYC helps brokerage firms to verify the documents, once CKYC is done you can trade in multiple financial instruments.

There is the beginning of your online stock trading journey. But there are several questions that might stop you from online trading. Whether online trading is safe, is easy to trade, how online trading is beneficial.

Let these questions be answered one by one

• Online trading brokers are verified by SEBI they are authenticated by two depositories of India CDSL and NSDL.

• Online trading is very easy by following the above-mentioned steps, you are ready with your trading account. You can start trading.

• Online trading is time-saving and cost-saving along with it you are assisted with different strategies to trade and notified by the latest news and upcoming IPOs and which stock to trade, etc.

• One of the benefits I personally experienced is while offline trading you need to be dependent on your stockbroker to place an order, and sometimes if there is any delay you may lose your money in seconds. Online trading gives you the freedom to trade with your money yourself.

Before trading follow this simple tip:

Invest in knowledge

The stock market is a highly volatile market. Incomplete knowledge can result in huge losses, so invest ahead of your knowledge before investing in stocks. Learn everything that you should know before trading, do not learn from trading. Learning from mistakes can be once or twice but not every time. So, invest your time in knowledge before investing your money in stocks.

Trade by facts not by emotions.

Traders behave in the very human way while trading that is they get excited during bull markets, some think they made last year so they will make this year too without studying the market and current situation, they borrow from friend’s neighbors and relatives and end up making losses because proper research was not done. The stock market performs on the news and facts and not on emotions so traders should not be emotional while trading.

How much you can invest

You must know the amount you can trade in. the trading application provides you with the margin facility, where you can trade with 4 or 5 times your money. Every brokerage firm has its own terms. This is called a margin facility for which they charge some extra amount according to companies’ policies.

Target price

Once your buy order is executed you must know how much you want to earn from that trade and once the price reaches your target get out of the trade, don’t get greedy to earn more, you may end up making losses. Move out of the stock once you made the day's profit.

Stop loss

Every trading application provides you with a stop loss facility, where you can restrict your trade i.e. if the market price goes below that level your shares are immediately sold avowing further losses. This feature is ignored by traders and ends up trading saying the stock market is a gamble.

News and trends

Just as news is important to know how the world is going, it is also important to know what is happening in the stock market. traders should stay up to date with news regarding the companies they trade in and stock market indices. With the banner, you can find news about investment companies as well as market trends and other decision-making factors.
To stay in the market, traders need to know the latest developments in the stocks they are ready to trade. Trends can be learned from news and some profitable indicators.

When you start trading stocks as a beginner, all the temptations will immediately attack you.
Register with your preferred online trading platform and use your most successful trading strategies.

Putasidehopes and fears, and be disciplined. Incorporate risks and rewards into your trading plan and then trade according to your plan.

Start small and test your hypothesis to make sure you're heading in the right direction. Widening your stock portfolio is worth repeating as it minimizes risk and gives you the best chance of getting paid for your investment.

By following these procedures, you can prepare for short-, medium- and long-term online trading success and income growth.

Author's Bio: 

S. Vishwa is a web marketing analyst at Finology Ventures. With 6+ years of web marketing experience, joined a Fintech company to help people to learn and earn more.