The Emergence of E-commerce in Pakistan 

With time e-commerce has been evolved in Pakistan. A lot of revenue is gained through e-commerce; because e-commerce lets you trade internationally and nationally, breaking the entire cross border.

Now the internet is the center factor of a human’s life. It has become a living necessity. With these, the E-commerce industry is enjoying its peak time in Pakistan. One of the major use of the internet these days in online shopping. People can now sit in the home and get whatever they want.

In contrast to this, in the very beginning, this niche has assumed overall control over the traditional way of shopping. Now ways have changed. Now you can also keep a check and balance on the rise and fall of your favorite product in the market. Here are a few products you can buy in Pakistan on the online stores.

More reasonable prices

As many competitors are selling a similar product and people especially Pakistanis always tend to buy from the store that has a  more reasonable price. This happens in a physical store as well as an online shopping store. Furthermore, online shopping stores offer you a wide variety of discounts and coupons that attract online buyers.

Why online shopping?

Life in Pakistan is very busy especially if you live with your family. Due to this going to shopping physically can be a pain in the head also if you have to go for shopping you would have to create a whole pan on when to go how to go and where to go.

Moreover, the physical stores can be quite a time consuming, as first, you have to plan a trip, find a shop and then start buying whatever you want. Especially on weekends, these physical stores can be fully packed with customers and you may end up getting something bad just because you were in a hurry.

Now people don’t like to visit physical stores. Other than this they don’t prefer exploring the products or either to argue with the shopkeepers to negotiate the price. People started doing online shopping a lot and the trend till the date is at the peak.  

There are a few pros that make online shopping easier than shopping through a physical store. Some of the important points include

Discounts, sales, and coupons

When you shop for a product online, you can keep your order in your shopping cart and as soon as you get a discount or maybe a coupon or the online store holds a sale you can just complete the order. 

Low prices of products in Pakistan

Most online stores in Pakistan have low prices. They offer more discounts and sales. This is why people are more attracted to it. This is a human psyche that a person buys more when he sees low prices or discounts. 

Purchase is a click away

People often don’t go shopping because they don’t have free time or the energy to go out and search on foot for the stuff they want. This is why they often give up the idea of shopping. 

Online stores keep you update regarding all sales and discounts 

No one would want to miss the great opportunity for sales and discounts. Many stores like Outfitters, Khaadi. ChenOne etc. offer online sales and keep customers updated. 

Prices of these products in Pakistan are often very high but anyone can enjoy the perks of sale and get products at low cost with the same great quality. The discounted prices are great and an opportunity not to be missed. 

The option of reading reviews before you shop

Customers can spend a little time reading the reviews and know everything they should know regarding the product they are interested to buy. 

Compare the price of online stores:

The amazing feature and facility that online shopping provides you is an option to compare the prices of the products. All you have to do is click the button, compare and see how it does wonders.

If the user clicks the compare button the price of the selected product on all the online stores known him within the timespan of milliseconds. You do not have this facility while shopping on foot from the mall. 

Online shopping stores in Pakistan

There are many online stores now operated in Pakistan and other countries. Talking about Pakistan the most famous is 

  • Ali


  • Shoppingum

  • Telemart



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