Your online success will require you have a passion for what you do but this must be controlled or it can keep you from becoming successful! How's that you may ask? Well simply stated being passionate is actually an emotional state, and make no mistake, you can NOT build a profitable business on emotions!

Here are 3 very real 'pitfalls' that can result from being guided by passions that can inhibit your ability to becoming successful marketing online!

Clouds Your Judgment

Love is blind, right, well being overly passionate can also be blinding in terms of trying to build a profitable business! It is inevitable that adjustments will need to be made along the way but if you have a passion that is too strong thus making changes difficult your ability to adapt to the environment will be compromised! This of course will result in an increase in your efforts along with a decrease in your results and this is NEVER a good thing!

Leads You Astray

As mentioned above becoming successful as an entrepreneur requires your ability to adapt to an ever changing online environment! Holding too tight to your current direction due to your passions can and will lead you astray from any actions and/or adjustments that need to be made when trying to develop a profitable business! Once again it is good to have a passion that serves as a source of energy and motivation but do NOT allow it to creep into your decision making!

Frustration and Resignation

After pouring all your energy into something you were passionately pursuing and falling woefully short can really let the wind out of your sails! In some cases people may be so discouraged they're no longer willing to try anymore! This is the worst possible scenario and can be life altering, not in a good way! It is always best to use any passions you may feel more like a spice that simply 'adds' to your efforts in a good way! When you allow this 'enthusiasm' to take control of your thinking you have essentially become a ship without a rudder which is to say you are without direction or the proper control needed to get the most out of your efforts!

Online success is typically the culmination of a process that requires clear and logical thinking. It is always good to have a passion for what you do since this is a great source of motivation however a passionate state is an emotional state! Having said that becoming successful when trying to build a profitable business requires an ability to make smart business decisions and emotions tend to make this difficult! Our discussion above points out 3 ways in which being overly passionate can actually obstruct your ability to invest the quality time and thought you'll need to build a profitable business online! Although it is important to have a passion in whatever you may be involved in it is also wise to keep it under control so it doesn't cloud your decision making abilities!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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