The employees of a company are the one asset that can literally make or break a company. And if a company is to make it and stay in the black, it would be wise to implement a strategy where the thoughts, ideas and aspirations of each individual are taken into consideration when planning the way ahead. Towards this end, the one software a company cannot afford to forgo is an online suggestion box. Traditional Vs. Modern
A company usually has two options when it comes to gathering the thoughts of a company. It can go it the traditional way: printing questionnaires that are then filled in by the employees and then dropped into a box.
The other option is to go it the electronic way: using an online suggestion box. This has many advantages over the traditional method. The first few and most obvious ones are:
There will be no wastage of paper or other resources like time, ink, etc. Time wastage looking for, queuing at suggestion boxes can be reduced by allowing employees access to the suggestion interface from their workstations or internet enabled devices.
Accessibility is much higher as the employees will be able to input their data from wherever there is an internet connection. All it takes is to inform them of the link and their login details, and they can input it at their own convenience – They can even do it from home.
The error margin can be very low because limits can be set in software by putting in choices, suggestions and error messages etc. This allows for more precise and clear data which results in an equally perfect information output.
Finally, if configured correctly online suggestion box will do the calculations, chart and table drawing simultaneously (compared to manual counting, for example, in the traditional method). In fact the data can be live, showing the trend before the time for suggestion has even expired. This will give the manager/boss time to know what to expect and prepare for it.
Looking for Software?
Well, there are a few software manufacturers online that offer good products when it comes to online suggestion box. But, the one that is the pride of Organised Feedback stands out a head above the rest. Its name is Employee Voice. It comes with all the bells and whistles that will help the manager or owner of a company know exactly what his or her employees are trying to say.

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