Vinex online shop is established to offer customers better fitness equipment and sports goods. Company supplies a large range of treadmills in different configuration as per best fitted to you. A treadmill is an exercise machine for running, walking or jogging while staying at one place and provides a moving platform with a wide conveyor belt and electric motor or flywheel. Company designed treadmill exercise machine for home and commercial usage both.

Benefits of using treadmill:

• Treadmill offers the best way to reduce the weight by just staying at home without going anywhere.
• Treadmills are useful for home fitness, in mercantile gym for remedial tests and for unrelated intentions.
• Treadmill helps people to exercise indoors, even when the climate prevents them from going outdoor for a walk or jogging.
• Treadmill helps to monitor center rate and estimate calorie use.
• Treadmill is very beneficial for those people who are running for very short time.
• It helps people of keep lose weight, burn off fat and reduce depression temporarily by just doing exercise for short time.
• Treadmill helps to improve the night sleep and gives you better cardiovascular health.
• Treadmill offers you to reduce the stress level and treat depressions.

VINEXSHOP is an exclusive online sports shop since last 54 years and achieved awards for No 1 exporter of sports goods and accessories from India by SGEPC. Company offers a complete range of Vinex Sports Equipment online, so customer can select the best sports product that is most suitable for them. Right from the beginning of our business, we are recognized for offering meticulous attention to details in every aspect of our business. Our company is the ISO 9001:2008 BSI certified and SA 8000:2008 certified. Company has achieved the awards for highest export of branded sports goods and accessories all over India.

Company provides reliable way to make payment online in very secure manner because our website is SSL secure. SSL encryption is used for every transaction in order to ensure that your order is complete secure. SSL encrypts the transmission from our e-commerce server as well as your computer and all your credit card information will be transferred very securely and after complete transaction all your credit card information will be cleared from database. Customer can ask their query related to product directly via online live chat, email or phone.

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Vinex Shop is an extraordinary online sports shop established by Vinex Enterprise Pvt. Ltd to provide best sports and fitness equipment to the customer at very affordable cost. Vinex is having good name in offering sports goods and fitness equipment since last 54 years.