Online – our new normal

Who’s noticed that everything has suddenly changed? Like everything we do, and it’s happened in just a couple of weeks. We are ALL now ONLINE working from home!

* I scheduled my first ‘at home’ Pilates session with a friend on Zoom this morning – our gym is closed. We lay on our mats with our laptops open and worked through our workout together. Unlike our old class at the gym where there was total silence except the teacher’s instructions, we talked the whole way through while we were exercising!!!! And giggled ……

* Schools and universities are now all online – no face-to-face tutorials anymore.
* More people are ordering groceries online via websites or apps – many for the first time.
* Majority of people are at home working and having meetings on Zoom or Skype or other platforms.
* People are even having group Happy Hours with a drink on Zoom.

So this is the new way of our world with COVID-19 and it could be like this for some time. For some like me, nothing much is very different. I’ve run a digital agency, HotsWots Digital, from my home office for the past 10 years so I’m always online. My team are overseas, some of my clients are overseas. I work in all time zones regularly on Skype or Zoom or WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger and find it all very easy. I’m USED TO. It’s how my business operates.

But, for many of you whose jobs or businesses are not online, this is a whole new world.

Some things will go back to ‘normal’ when COVID-19 is over but some aspects will never return to the old way.

ONLINE is going to be our new NORMAL.

What if I don’t know how to generate income or market my business online?

If you already run a business, you will now will be looking to ensure you get your products/services/book/coaching/course/program set up online and that means understanding how to market for results. How to reach an audience and build a client list. How to connect with your leads.

Some of you have lost jobs or retirement income and are now looking for a way to generate income online.

Start by downloading the ‘cashflow formula’ PDF which will give you the structure for upfront cashflow and lead generation to market any business, product or program the right way online.

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Judith Shuttleworth
Judith Shuttleworth helps entrepreneurs and online marketers learn to market successfully for predictable cashflow (no matter what they sell) so they can scale & start generating significant income. She has run her digital marketing agency, HotsWots Digital, for just under 10 years and understands implicitly the marketing challenges faced by many entrepreneurs.