List building is an integral component of any business marketing on the internet. Compiling an email list of prospects that you can freely send promotional messages to is a great way to quickly grow a business. Normally when most people build a list they have a product or service they are marketing. Upon opting in on a squeeze page people then begin to receive a series of emails promoting the product you are selling. Here we are going to discuss 3 simple steps you can follow to effectively build a list without any product whatsoever.

Write Your Squeeze Page

Build a squeeze page that focuses ONLY on the benefits any visitor will receive from your 'free offer' upon joining your email list of subscribers.

In this case it is recommended to offer a 'free' email series or some type of course spread out over a period of time. This gives you time and 'breathing' room to build a list while also developing a relationship with existing list members.

It is important to maintain the focus of your message on nothing other than your free offer. Do not 'clutter' up the page with any additional information! This will only confuse the visitor and 'dilute' the intended impact of your primary message which is for them to join your list.

Create a Domain Name

Create a domain name and be sure to base it upon the market or niche that you have intentions of working in. Once again you are only 'promoting' your free gift but your intentions will be to 'expand' your business into other products once you have established a sizable list.

Develop a keyword list that is relevant to your niche of interest and select a primary keyword to help create a domain name. Later you can either locate affiliate products or create your own in this niche but that will be LATER.

Locate or Create a Product

Up till this time you have only supplied useful information in the form of an email series to your list members. Hopefully this information has been educational and/or useful in some form or fashion. What you have already accomplished is that you have developed a relationship with them built on credibility. This will help make your marketing efforts easier and more effective.

Now you can move onto your 'next step' and expand your business into promoting products to the list you have created.

As we have mentioned list building plays an important role in the growth of any company marketing on the internet. Conventional wisdom suggests that you need a product when you attempt to build a list but that is not necessarily the case. As we covered in the 3 steps shown above you can easily build a list with nothing more than the enticement of a free gift. By offering visitors to your squeeze page an information packed email series you can maintain contact with them in this way. A huge advantage to this approach is that you can establish a very good relationship BEFORE attempting to promote anything to them. This should make your marketing efforts much more effective as a result.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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