Technology is how humans imitate nature. They try to convert the natural processes in a form that is more suitable and easy for them to use. Computer chips are an imitation of human brains. Lights bulbs are imitations of sun and the moon. Even the acceptable light colors closely resemble the white and yellow light from the sun and the moon. For millions of years, sun has powered the nature’s best machines i.e. plants and trees. It is about time humans power their appliances with the same energy. There are some challenges in switching from oil, gas, coal, etc. power to solar energy, but steps are being taken to overcome these problems.

The biggest hindrance in switching to the new form of energy is money. It is not to say that solar panels are extremely expensive. Instead, not all the countries in the world have their people earning the right amount of income. When you are living below the poverty line, using solar panels to power your house is only a dream. In this case, it is the responsibility of the government to come up with projects that provide their people with solar power. It should not be left on individuals to buy their own equipment and maintain it.

Another big challenge is for the scientists and engineers working on solar technologies. One must not forget that not all the regions in the world receive sunlight all the time. There are cities and countries where sun hardly appears clear in the sky. Using solar energy in these regions is a huge issue but efficiency of equipment can solve the problem. Again, governments can consider setting up solar farms in cities where a large part of the year is sunny. Not to mention, hybrid solutions can also be implemented. Doing so will at least reduce the use of coal and oil consumption significantly.

Use of hybrid power can be a huge game changer. By cutting down the consumption of oil, gas, and coal by half, you could increase the lifetimes of these resources to double. In simple words, an oil deposit that’s supposed to produce oil for the next 100 years can be used for 200 years to come by cutting down the consumption of oil by half. People living in developed countries should not even think twice before switching to solar energy, especially if you live in a region where you get a lot of sun.

For example, using solar energy in Phoenix can be a great option for two great reasons: 1) there is a lot of sunlight falling on this city throughout the years, and 2) there are some great companies in this region that can provide you with complete installation of solar equipment and any other form of help you that you might need when switching to solar energy. If you are focusing on the upfront costs, you are thinking short-term. If you want a long-term solution that saves you thousands of dollars in years to come, you should definitely switch to solar power at your earliest.

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