In my last article I spoke of how important it is to have powerful and positive thoughts. Those thoughts would lead to enlightened emotions and subsequently stronger actions as a result. I gave it a name so you all could remember, TEA. I want to speak to you today as a real person with human qualities like everyone else. I am also a person that deals with the nuances of daily life and sometimes difficult circumstances which get in our way from day to day that may make thinking positive a struggle. It hit me as I realized after speaking to my realtor the possibility of short selling a couple rental homes which my wife and I purchased back when it “seemed” like a great idea. I’m sure none of you reading this could relate, but for argument sake, take my word for it. It seems many homes across the country are not quite worth what they were a few years back, sounds crazy, I know. I can remember immediately I felt sort of down, and even at that instant while remembering my own praises of the importance to keep good, clean, positive thoughts, I too struggled. This is important to understand. We are not perfect and it is okay to have some reflection from time to time on current situations we all face in our life, but here is the golden rule.

We must first acknowledge that we are having “debbie downer’ thoughts and own up to them. We need to face them and address them for 5 minutes. Let me repeat, 5 minutes. That is all we can give ourselves to pout and release those poisoned thoughts going on in our head. If we don’t address them and ignore them, they will linger and linger like a spirit in a haunted house. Just in case you were wondering, I have never felt a spirit in a haunted house, but it rolled off my tongue and I believe I am getting my point across. This doesn’t mean that in those 5 minutes you are to fully take care of the entire situation which brought on the negative thoughts to begin with. It means you are allowed to take your “beating up of yourself” and get it out of the way. Then you are going to deal with the situation from an emotional side of goodness and see yourself take better action than the contrary.

This will actually give all of us a buffer and not a constant struggle to think we all need to act like Mister Rogers every minute of every day. Buffers are good and are essential in all successful things. Another very important aspect to this topic is the faith based side of this discussion. I am a very strong Catholic Christian and am aware of the importance of keeping a good attitude with faith. We will never be blessed with thoughts of defeat and a poor me attitude. God wants us to be thankful and appreciate everything we have going right in our lives especially when things are not. This in my opinion is the most important constant for the masses. The majority of people do not even realize how lucky and fortunate they are and only see the troubles. Keep working on your thoughts and know that your blessings are just around the corner. God is watching.

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My name is Scott Coletti, a physician, author, and internet entrepreneur. I am a Leader in the Plan-B-Pros and Life Path Unlimited Industry. I assist those who want to lead as well. I am married with four beautiful and healthy children and reside in Belleair, Florida.