Every thought, every word, every feeling, every action you have has energy associated with it. If you look at your body with a high power microscope, you will see that it is nothing more than a mass of molecules with a mass of vibrating energy. Everything is comprised of energy. As I reminisce on the year 2012, I think of several occasions when I did not say a word but my energy did the talking for me.

One day, I showed up at an event and one of the powerful coaches asked me what I do, I looked at her and said with shyness in my voice: " I help women create wealth and empower them to live their best lives, doing what they love and getting paid to serve." This is a very powerful statement if said with the "right energy" filled with passion, fire and love and I believe in it however the fact that I knew that she was very successful intimidated me and I allowed myself to be powerless. I noticed afterwards that I had a subconscious program running in my mind saying very loud " You are not worthy, you are not good enough, you don't know what you're talking about". Do you think that she picked up on it? Hell yes she did and so did I! I can tell you that she wasn't impressed.

The truth is that our counter intentions or the viruses in our subconscious mind are always running in the background, 24/7, 365 days a year, non-stop! My intention was to show up as the powerful goddess and financial genius that I am but I had unconscious beliefs that I wasn't aware of at that time, the good news is that I got to heal and clear them once I knew they were there.

Energy "talks" and it shows up before you do, before you open your mouth and say a single word, your unconscious belief system is transmitting energy, to sabotage you or make you shine like a star. Have you ever walked in a room; feeling bitchy and frustrated and everyone else picked up on it? We are all "psychic" and we can read and feel energy; we are all ONE, we all came from the same source. We just do it at different levels based on our current levels of consciousness.

If you have ever wondered why one your potential client didn't buy your coaching program, think about the energy you were projecting at that time? Were you saying the right words but your energy was saying "you suck, you don't deserve it, and you are not worth it?" Guess what? Your prospect could not really explain why they didn't buy, they felt that something was off and decided to walk away.

The same thing happens when you enter a room full of people, you can literally feel the energy in the room, you can tell if the room is full of energy vampires or loving, fun and light energy.

I invite you to Be Aware of the energy that you project on a daily basis wherever you show up, be aware of your feelings and learn to clear yourself and empower yourself before interacting with people, I can guarantee you that taking the time to clear yourself will change the way you show up especially with your clients, remember everyone is "psychic" and people can feel your energy and feel you.

One of the clearing methods that I use is "Hooponopono", a Hawaiian clearing technique. The Hooponopono consists of saying and feeling the following words: " I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, thank you". Think about the disempowering belief that you have like " I am not worthy", focus on it and repeat the "Hooponopono", until you feel the negative feeling and energy dissolve and repeat when necessary.

Love and Gratitude,

Marieme Faye

Author's Bio: 

I am the Wealth Creation Coach for the Evolving Women Entrepreneurs who are ready to breakthrough their financial limitations and create true wealth standing in their power, living their purpose and creating possibilities.