Establish an emotional connection between your brand and your customers. When your customers begin to associate your brands positively with personal milestones, and events; then customer loyalty is assured. This could be the differentiating factor that makes you stand out from your competition. A growing perception among buyers worldwide is that a significant proportion of a brand or company’s image is colored by how people perceive the CEO. This means that you add to your marketing stratagems by making the CEO the brand ambassador, the face of your organization.

Capitalize on the Persona, Performance, and Prestige of Your CEO

If you desire to make a lasting impression on your target audience; then your CEO branding strategies should focus her/his persona, performance, and prestige. These facets are interdependent. They impact your company’s reputation and performance individually, but collectively they constitute the CEO branding mix. One should view these aspects as a holistic web of interactions among themselves, as well as company reputation and performance. You will understand the success or otherwise of such a strategy by comparing the financial health of your company after a few months/years with benchmark figures you had established earlier. Analyze financial performance indicators such as profits, net operating cash flow, ROI, and market-performance indicators such as market share or stock price to take stock.

Keep your eyes open though: Celebrity CEOs bring both benefits and burdens when it comes to company performance. It is up to you to ensure that the benefits are not short term. Therefore, while building your CEO’s brand, don’t overlook building the business too — and even more important — build trust. Keep in mind that a successful brand self-promotes stimulates a unique experience, breathes loyalty into it, and offers consistency in the quality of the service it offers.

Motivate and Inspire Your Team

The most effective personal branding firms understand that surging ahead requires motivating and inspiring your team, as much by personal example, as by precept. They will tell you that people form judgments about others based on objective physical characteristics such as gender and age; but also on subjective characteristics like education, social status, appearance, and facial expressions. Therefore, they will advise you to focus on transparency as much as aligning all internal and external communications regarding your organization with the CEO’s activities and achievements. They will remind you of the value of your having a strong online presence to keep your brand in the public view continuously.

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CEO branding is accomplished through the process of getting the right message directly in front of your target audience, using a strategic blend of thought leadership that's demonstrated through social media, speaking engagements, publishing, and savvy public relations. So, keeping this view in mind Ascendant group is dedicated to providing the best CEO branding strategy, CEO reputation management, CEO personal branding service.