High performance professionals may be expert in technical skills, but finding a top performer who is also great presenting to team members or clients is a rare find. Statistically, only about 2% of employees are comfortable speaking in front of groups. However, those who are open to applying the lessons learned from presentation skills training courses often quickly find there is high demand for their newly acquired speaking skills.

There’s more to it than just the ability to talk to a group of peers or clientele. Presentation skills training courses teach students how to prepare a presentation as well as how to deliver it effectively. As a presenter the words you speak are impacted by how you speak them, how your use your eyes and hands, your posture and, most importantly, your tone of voice. People who effectively deliver presentations have learned how to work all those pieces into a complete package.

Fear of Speaking in Public

Think about how you breeze through certain tasks that you do every day. Chances are you have no inhibitions teaching someone else about these tasks. The biggest cause of fear of public speaking is that people don’t get much practice doing it. More often than not, an employee is assigned to give a presentation to the team, or worse, to clients. There is no guidance or time for practice. So when the time comes that poor individual is frozen with fear of mistakes or forgetting pieces of the presentation.

Presentation skills training courses show you how to prepare for your presentation. Always be comfortable with the topic. It should be your expertise. Always know your audience and try to find out what they want to get out of your presentation. And practice. You have to run through your presentation out loud. Don’t just read through the material to yourself. These are just a few tips you learn from presentation skills training courses.

Be the “Go-To” Guy or Gal for Speaking Engagements

Once you are confident and show that you are open to giving presentations you become a hot commodity. Marketing and sales executives will engage you for sales presentations to clients. If you are technical consultant you wield a double edge sword of technical acumen and speaking talent. Clients appreciate professionals who have technical knowledge and experience. They consider you more credible than someone on the sales team. Just don’t let them know you are on the sales team! Those presentation skills training courses really do open doors to new opportunities.

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