Our attention is so conditioned to look at all the negativity, aggression, pain and hurt in the world through the streaming of media on our TVs, tablets, smart phones and various social media tools to rivet our attention on the negative events. When our attention focuses on the “doom and gloom” taking place around the world, we inadvertently move away from our Divine nature.

The events taking place around the world are horrific, anger producing and can create feelings of helplessness. All of the constant gazing at local and world events results in disconnection and discordant feelings. Discord is not our True Divine Nature (Father-Mother God). What if I were to tell you there is a majestic way to transform your negative reactions while staying connected to your True Divine Self (Father-Mother God-Self)?

We need active ways to convert disquieting sensations, agitated thoughts, worrying feelings, and painful images; they create static, like a radio with poor reception. The static creates interference between you and your God Source. You might be wondering, how can this been done?

First step, acknowledge the event or situation creating distress, but don’t allow it to collect momentum, like a train. An accumulation of negativity breeds fear, gloom, doubt, irritability and uncertainty. And all of a sudden, like a slippery slope, you move from a state of internal contentment into being worried, anxious, depressed, feeling numb or complacent. These emotional states are not conducive to remaining connected to your Divinity. Without realizing it, a vicious cycle of perpetual disconnection is created because we daily watch or read some form of negativity. Being informed about what is taking place in your community and world is important, but not constantly at the expense of your feeling calm, engaged, attentive, and collected in your Divinity.

So, let’s get back to, how might each keep informed about what is going on around you but not be inundated by the negativity news? The second step is to realize you are the controller of the switch: on or off.

Have you ever thought about "switching up?" Yes, switching up to a higher level of attunement and awareness within yourself. At the core of you is your soul and Divinity. The soul is the individualization of the Father-Mother God come into embodiment to learn lessons and to enjoy life’s beauties. You are a co-creator with the Father-Mother God because you are His-Her offspring. As a co-creator, you create your reality through your attention, e.g., focus of your thoughts and feeling, as I mentioned in Mastering Life’s Adventures: On the Beam. If we have 6 billion people on the planet focused on the negativity around the world, are we not contributing to creating more of this painful reality that the media is displaying?

It is so easy to get so caught up in the events of the world thereby losing sight of the tremendous need to remember to lovingly, as Jesus did, and intentionally, as Buddha showed, in connecting to something more than yourself by sending forth from your heart waves of peace, love and harmony into those situations of negativity. Step 3 is to speak into the event you are gazing on by saying, In the name of Jesus, Buddha, Archangel Michael and the Father-Mother God that exists within me, I ask for the consuming of this negativity and discord!! I further call forth the angels of peace and love to consume the darkness and divisive forces. Let God’s will be done!

Switching up to the next level in spiritual attunement requires being intentional and making a habit or practice of verbally affirming the goodness in people by claiming and affirming – The Light of Almighty God is the only power I want operating in my world! We all have free will to choose what we want entering into our personal worlds. We need mantras or statements to say out loud to denounce the negativity we see on the television or our phones, and affirm the positivity in today’s society to create more of the positive reality we would like manifesting.

If six billion people would remember to switch up, by saying positive, harmonizing statements like: Enough is enough! I claim the Light of God in me and those around me! And I ask for Love, Peace and Good Will into this situation and on Earth this Day! Or, I call forth the Light of God into this situation and into my being to protect my mind, heart and love ones around me! Then visualized a shield of protection and peace, and breathing in an ocean of love and out the darkness of negativity, we can create a different state of consciousness in the world and more consistent connection to our God Presence.

Through the divine Law of the Request which says, the Father-Mother God cannot enter in where He-She is not invited. Regardless of your spiritual path, we all can learn to speak daily into existence the greater good, instead of the negativity. Negativity is trying to be slammed into our faces and ears to create hopelessness, despair, fear, doubt, worry and animosity. These states moves us away from our True Nature, the Father-Mother God, which is loving, kind, compassionate, wise, powerful and a fierce defender of our freedom to be, who we are meant to be – outposts of Divinity.

Mastering Life's Adventures - Questions to Ponder:
1. Are you aware of what type of energy is grabbing most of your attention daily, weekly, and monthly?

2. How might you begin to refocus more attention on your inner soul and Father-Mother God Source and experiment with your fiat during times of negativity?

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Judith Holder coaches and collaborates with leaders, professionals, public figures, young adults, and people from all walks of life to support them in realizing their life aspirations and… soul resilience. Judith has specialized coach training in personal/life, professional, executive, leadership and business coaching from UNC Charlotte Business Coaching Program ™, MentorCoach™, CoachU™, Fast Track Coaching Program™ and Physician Coaching Institute™. She enjoys humor and exhibits a holistic, straightforward approach to her coaching. She is perceptive to her clients’ needs and collaborative in working with them to achieve optimal results. Visit her website at http://masteringlifesadventures.com