Each of us is meant for something in our lives. We have a purpose, a destiny, and a calling. We each have a plan laid out for us, a true purpose that is part of us. Many may never find this or feel it, never knowing their destiny or calling. It is there, everywhere around you and in every cell of your being. It is so strongly connected to you that it exists within you in ways that surface constantly. It begins with choices and ends with your desires. We sense it, feel it, sometimes find it, and are led by it. We are one and the same with our true selves and our calling, for it is the same thing. Who we are, who we are meant to be, and what we become are all interrelated.

You can feel choices being given and answers being sought, but do you realize where the question comes from? It comes from you, your true self, and your destiny calling you. In order to be led on the right path, your true path, you need to exist freely, without holding yourself back, and allow who you truly are to come forward. For when you do, when you connect from within and listen constantly to what you feel and what draws you, you are on the right path. Your desire to follow your intuition, to listen to yourself, and to let yourself be heard is you following your destiny. This is not about what should be or your mind wondering forward or backward, but about being present with your true self, who you really are, and listening. Hearing what you wish for and doing something about it.

Too often we hide behind what must be done or what should be and all too often excuse ourselves from the equation. But the biggest part of our life, what is truly most important, is simply ourselves and doing what we are meant to do. Why live a life devoid of true purpose, why only manage to exist with some predetermined idea of how your life should be? What if it could be different and is actually meant to be? Don’t you owe it to yourself to find out and live it? These are not dreams but a reality meant to be fulfilled. Life is about choices; follow the ones you are led to and listen to your own calling.

Let your true self, the real you, claim the part of your life that matters, your destiny and purpose. Become who you are meant to be and let yourself be guided further down your path, the one that is meant for only you. Wait no longer, destiny always will, but you do not need to. You belong in this very moment doing exactly what you are meant for. Open up, listen, hear what you wish for, what drives you in your heart, and allow yourself to go forward in that very direction. You are meant to succeed and be happy. You will have far more success by following your true path than in any other direction. Allow yourself to follow you.

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Adam Benedetto and Zoe Young are both dedicated to enabling others to reach their full potential in life by helping them release what is holding them back so that they can become their true selves. Through years of experience and development, both have sought out the answers we all need to find peace, understand ourselves, and reach enlightenment.
Open up to the peace you will find when you truly see yourself, become one with your destiny, and learn how to be in the moment at Answers in Writing.