It is time to stop pussy footing around and for you to finally accept 100 % responsibility for your success this year and for every year, which will follow after that. As soon as you become accountable for everything in your life and yes this does mean that you must accept responsibility for both the good and the bad, you have going on. Everything will just seem to click into place and you will not only feel empowered to make a difference in your life this time around, but you will remain in control of both the challenges which will cross your path, as well as remaining accountable to carry out the actions you need to perform daily to achieve all your goals.

Accept Accountability – Transform your Life

It is incredible what affect accepting 100 % accountability for everything in your experience, can and will have on your life. The moment I accepted complete responsibility for everything in my life, everything miraculously changed for the better. Challenges which I thought were insurmountable, because I had no control to change them, as they were the fault of other people or circumstances beyond my control, became manageable and I saw ways to not only mitigate their effect, but in many cases even found new opportunities, hidden within the challenges, which were hidden from me before. I also felt far more committed towards my goals and by accepting daily responsibility to carry out the goal specific actions I needed to perform, I started to see very positive results manifest in my life and business.
Making this Work for you in 2013

Accepting responsibility for everything in your experience is a process, it is most certainly not a single event, where you make a decision one day that you are accountable and everything just miraculously changes. i.e. One day you blame the world, the next you are in tune with it and you accept full responsibility for creating the life of your dreams. It is for this reason that I recommend that you use accountability partnerships and reminders, to help you travel the path towards full accountability.
Accountability Partnerships

I see this as the first step in the process, where you identify someone who you can trust, someone who is on a similar success journey to your own, to act as your accountability partner. Both you and your accountability partner, have a mutual responsibility to hold each other accountable each week, for making those significant behavioural shifts, which will help you to transform your life.

The process is simple; you arrange to check in once a week with your each other, on a specific day and time of the week. I find the best time for me is on a Friday afternoon at around 16H00. My accountability partner and I take turns to phone each other and we spend about five to seven minutes on the phone, asking how we did that week, with the behavioural shifts, or daily actions we committed to the previous week? Before putting down the phone, we once again confirm exactly what we want to be held accountable for the following week and who will be responsible to make the call the next week. This process is really powerful, it is incredible how inspired I feel and how motivated and driven I am to make the shifts and to carry out the actions, I have committed to each week. I do not want to have to disappoint myself or my accountability partner.

I further reinforce this process with reminders. I use things like vision boards to remind me of my daily commitments towards my goals, bangles on my arm with customised messages, such as “I will, until”, which reminds me to keep taking action daily, until I succeed. What reminders can you introduce into your life to remind you to keep taking daily action and to accept 100 % responsibility for changing your life?
Positive Affirmations

Accepting responsibility for everything in your life is difficult, as society has programed us to believe that it is best to blame everyone and everything around you for your lack of performance. This is not an easy belief to eliminate from your mind, as it is so ingrained and deep rooted. It is for this reason that I recommend using positive affirmations, to allow your brain to re-program itself.

I have made myself a set of affirmation CD’s, which I listen to for seven minutes every morning, just after waking up. These recordings with soft inspiring music in the background and my own voice telling me that I am 100 % responsible for my own success, etc. and the other tools I have described above have helped me to finally accept 100 % responsibility for everything in my life. You can do the same and completely change the results you will enjoy this year, if you commit to this process.
Author: Andrew Horton Sales Training

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