Oil warms in a large fry pan, getting acquainted with half a head of jumbo garlic that left the food processor finely honed. A bunch of green onions (white and green, whole body) are getting chopped while the other ingredients get together in that pan, and the onions soon join in the warm oil simmer. So do some jalapeno slices from a bottle, if you like those guys. When the onions are a darker shade of green, it is time to call the chili in from the can: Nally's vegetarian or Nally's jalapeno!

While the chili is settling in, pepper jack cheese (almost an inch of 4-inch square brick) is sliced thinly enough, and then the slices are put in a bundle and cut all the way through – cut to the depth of the stuff in the pan - so they make thin squares you pull apart and put into the chili upright, not flat – standing up, not lying down. This will thicken the sauce. While the cheese is slowly melting into the community, drain a can of stewed tomatoes (Drink that good juice!) and put the big chunks of cooked tomato on top.

Let them all be for a while. They will create a little too much water. By now the cheese is melted, so you can stir everybody together. Put two big slices of whole grain bread – preferably the kind with chunks of grain in the slice – into the mix. Spoon the chili on top of the bread.

Serves two or three very happy people.

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