Definition: voice of your spirit and to our spiritual guidance. It is your navigational system to guide you through your life.

Following your intuition, you find it easier to align with your true path. Things get rocky when you are not following your intuition.

Your self-worth, self-trust, how you feel about yourself will really sky-rocket because you are listening to yourself.

It allows you to live in faith rather than fear. It shifts from Conditioned Self (CS) to faith and trust, which is more in alignment with your spirit, your Authentic Self (AS).

We often get disconnected during our youth. Listening to your intuition helps your life become easier. When we try to figure things out intellectually, we often miss out on the guidance from the intuition.

Listening can also keep you out of danger. Intuition can alert you to something that can happen.

Helps you find what is good for you: books, tap into the right foods, health issues, etc. Helps lead you to info that can help you, give you ideas or information, makes projects easier. Navigate problems. Helps you make the best decisions in your life. When stuck in intellect, it is harder to make decisions right.

Helps you to lighten up and have more fun. Guides you to fun things, to take time off, etc.

Helps you to feel supported and not so alone. Gives you a sense of peace and reassurance that you are not alone and doing it all alone. You have the tools and resources available with your intuition.

How does intuition speak to you?

Feel it in our body: pay attention to your body; with disconnection as a child, we disconnect because being in our bodies is lonely, scary in our lives, parents are not present emotionally…so you disconnect for survival. This is a key way to start to tap into your intuition. “Gut feeling” “Bad vibe” are some common early statements. “Goosebumps”.

Sometimes it comes through an external sign: you see something over and over again.

In dreams: answer clearly comes in dreams, or comes out of the blue and warns you. It is very important to pay attention to your dreams. Native Americans really honor and pay attention to their dreams and visions.

5 main reasons that blocks us from following our intuition:

1. Fear of knowing what we know. I will have to act on the info and I’m not prepared for it. You may not be prepared to act when it involves other people or an action. Pay attention to the messages that you have been ignoring and ask what is the fear as to why you haven’t been acting.

2. We feel that we know what is best—that we know better than our intuition. Our cultural disconnection causes us to not value our intuition. We learn the answer is in front of us, not within us. We devalue the information and think intellectually instead because that is believed to be more valid.

3. A lot of time intuition doesn’t make logical sense or that we cannot explain it to someone else. You need to let go of the need for it to make sense. Intuition taps into the broader view, into things you have no intellectual knowledge, into the deeper truths. On the surface, it won’t make sense, but later, after more info surfaces, then it may make more sense. It takes trust and faith that all will work out.

4. We can be afraid of other people’s judgments. What will they think about if we do this or don’t do this. It takes inner strength to follow your intuition even in the face of lack of support. It takes courage.

5. As a child, we were not supported to trust our own inner knowing. Intuition was not validated. Children want to fit in and thus turn off their intuition.

Ways to Amplify and Tune into your Intuition

** Tune out distraction and have quiet time every day. Our intuition is more subtle, and our CS is very loud. So you need to quiet the mind, which quiets the CS. In the quiet you can hear the intuition better. In the conditioned space, there is a lot of noise; the need for lots of noise is to keep in your CS.

** Start to right down your intuitive hits and acknowledge them to yourself. Jot down any intuitive hit. It honors and validates it. If you can’t write it down, at least acknowledge it. It tells your intuition that you are paying attention. You are also seeing how much your intuitive hits are right on the money; it will help you trust it more when you make decisions.

** Journal and dialogue with your intuition. What should I do in a situation or what to do with a certain person?

** When you have a decision to make, tune into the voice of your intuition and ask. Make a distinction to your mind. Write down what the intuition is saying and what your mind is saying (two columns). It will help you separate which is which and feel and hear your intuition better (you’ll know it’s the intuition).

** Look at outside feedback that is trying to reinforce your intuition. Intuition may come through signs outside you. You need to pay attention to these signs. They may be subtle or not so subtle.

** Start to tap more into your intuition rather than ask for opinions and advice from people. When asking for advice, you are not listening to your intuition. By trusting in your intuition, you are showing you value it.

** Practice following your intuition on the little things so that when the big things come along you can trust it. Try day-to-day small things.

** Clear out stuck emotional energy from your body. We can have stored grief, anger, etc. Emotional congestion blocks the intuition. Do what you can to clear that energy from the body. There are many different methods.

** Have fun. When you have fun, you are in a higher, lighter vibration so it is easier to access your intuition. The answer you are struggling over can pop into your head. Trust that the answer will present itself.

Intuition is not driven by fear. If there is fear behind it, it is not from your intuition—it’s from your conditioned self. Release the fear and then the message can come through.

Some say to have your intuition align with your guides before making a decision.

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