Tommy James and the Chandelles had a fairly good perception of how to tap into your intuitive powers to create the life you want to lead. In their song, Crystal Blue Persuasion, they sing, “…don’t you give up now, so easy to find; just look to your soul, open your mind – Crystal blue persuasion…” There is wonderful wisdom in these lyrics, because they give you the key guideline to gain clarity and peace of mind through the most simple but effective way. It’s in these tough times where we tend to cloud our minds with pessimism and confusion. If we really take a moment to draw from our inner wisdom -- our higher consciousness, we can look deep into our soul to bring forth the light of inspiration and motivation. That is what allows us to see clearly and regain the focus for the path to greatness.

It may sound easier than it really is -- mainly, because we often get sidetracked by life and its circumstance. I want you to calmly say the words, “crystal blue persuasion.” Just speaking this phrase aloud brings quiet to your mind. And that is exactly what you need in every waking moment of your life. When you feel rushed, anxious, over-stimulated, or overwhelmed, just think to yourself: crystal blue persuasion. Use this phrase as much as you need it. You are, in essence, turning this simple expression into a meditation for your mind and your emotions. When you make this mental connection, you are relieving your mind from the mental frustrations of everyday living. It is a stress-reducing method that you can use whenever you want, whenever you need it. In fact, this simple mantra merely takes seconds to say. The best part is that the more you say it, the more you are subconsciously and consciously creating a deeper connection to your soul, and your intuitive powers.

When your soul is happy, your mind is clear. When your mind is clear, your mental thought processes are more keenly tuned to picking up resolutions and opportunities that surround you. Think of it this way: it’s like getting new wiper blades for your mental and emotional windshield. Despite what the weather (or life) throws your way, you’re going to have the right defense mechanism in place (positive affirmation) to reinforce your plane of view. That is what helps you get through the tough spots, and move forward to the happier spots that await you in the clearing.

Remember, you are in control of your destiny. In addition to the Universal flow of energy, you have the intuitive power to recreate your fortune in life. When you can repattern your thoughts, visions, and dreams to be in proper alignment with the energetic flow of the Universe, you are one step closer to the blessings that are there for you to receive – if you want them. Open your mind to discover your soul power by reaffirming your roadmap to better living today…it’s all a matter of crystal blue persuasion.

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I am, Joan Marie, Intuition Girl
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Open Your Mind to Discover Your Soul Power
By Joan Marie Whelan

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