There are many different forms of chakra meditation. Depending on your overall goals, comfort level, experience, and circumstances, you can choose the one that is right for you. For example, the meditations to open the chakras are simple and can be done almost anywhere. If you’re someplace where you are comfortable using mudras (special hand positions) and doing chants, then this may be a good one to choose.

Advanced Chakra Meditations

The chakra meditations for healing chakras using the related stones or crystals are best done at home or someplace you can lie down comfortably. The chakra meditations used in awakening the Kudalini, a sacred energy coiled three and a half times around the base of the spine, should only be attempted by those who are more advanced or under the guidance of someone more advanced like a Reiki Master or a yoga instructor.

Opening the chakras

Today, we will focus on chakra meditations for opening the different chakras. We will not go into detail at this point about testing which chakras are underactive, but if you know which of your chakras need healing, you may choose to concentrate on those specific chakra meditations. It is important to remember to work from the ground up when opening the chakras. For those new to chakra meditation, follow the set below.

Find a comfortable, quiet place where you can practice chakra meditation without any distractions. If it is necessary to keep track of time, set an alarm so that you may keep your full attention on the chakra meditations and not on the clock. Sit down with your legs crossed or neatly folded under you. Make sure your back is straight, and rest your hands on your knees. If you haven’t done so already, perform your grounding meditation. It is important that you do not skip this step as it is more important than the chakra meditation itself.

For each of the following chakra meditations, practice them for a length of about 7-10 long breaths and chant the associated sound multiple times per breath (say 2-4 times). In chakra meditation chants, the “a” sounds like “ah” and the “m” sounds like “mng”.

Root Chakra

To open the root chakra through chakra meditation, lightly touch your thumb and index fingers, palms up, leaving the rest of your fingers loose. Mentally concentrate on the root chakra, the spot between the genitals and anus, and chant the sound “LAM”. You may also choose to focus on the base of the spine.

Sacral Chakra

Next, use chakra meditation to open the sacral chakra by placing your hands in your lap, palms up, right hand on top of the left, with the tips of your thumbs lightly touching. Concentrate on the sacral chakra, the sacral bone on the lower back or on the groin area, and chant the sound “VAM”.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Open the solar chakra through chakra meditation by placing your hands in front of your navel, slightly below the solar plexus with your fingers pointing away from you. Allow your fingertips to touch, keeping your fingers straight and cross your thumbs, the right over the left. Concentrate on the solar plexus chakra, the spot on the spine slightly above your navel, and chant the sound “RAM”.

Opening the Heart Chakra

To open the heart chakra with chakra meditation, lightly touch your thumb and index fingers, resting your left hand on your left knee and your right hand at the lowest tip of your breast bone. Concentrate on the heart chakra, the place on the spine level with the heart, and chant the sound “YAM”.

Once you open the heart chakra through chakra meditation, open the throat chakra by interlacing your fingers on the inside of your hands and allowing your thumbs to touch at the top slightly pulled up. Concentrate on the throat chakra, the spot at the base of your throat, and chant the sound “HAM”.

Opening the Their Eye

The "Om" symbol
Open the third-eye chakra with chakra meditation by placing your hands by the lower part of your breast, the middle fingers touching and pointing straight out in front of you. Bend your other fingers in allowing them to touch at the upper two phalanges.

Touch your thumbs together, pointed toward you. Concentrate on the third-eye chakra, located centered between, but slightly above, the eyebrows and chant the sound “OM”.

Opening the Crown Chakra

Finally, the chakra meditation used to open the crown chakra, hold your hands in front of your stomach, ring fingers pointed out forward, touching at the tips. Interlace the rest of your fingers, including the thumbs, with your right thumb covering your left. Concentrate on the crown chakra, located at the top of your head, and chant the sound “NG”. You will want to be sure you have a strong root chakra before doing the meditation for the crown chakra.

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