Hello spiritual warriors! I am grateful to be part of this wonderful community of sharing and inspiration.

I was in Canada for 3 weeks visiting family and friends. It was nice to go back and get new perspectives on self, life and others. Stepping out of my environment helped me to see things differently, especially old patterns that were being played out with family and friends that no longer served my evolved self. I felt empowered to see how far I came and how much more I need to go. This journey in life for me is all about becoming my best self, to leave this world a better place knowing that I have been a gracious guest on this planet earth.

When I got back from my trip, I found myself feeling a little lost, a little outside myself after being immersed in everyone else's energies and lifestyle. The pace is so much faster in a metropolitan city, traffic galore, go, go, go, do, do, do! I'm so used to the pace here on the west coast of Florida which is slow mo, being in the moment. I used to have that frantic pace in life years ago when I was an entrepreneur, manufacturing, designing, wholesaling and owning retail stores. I loved what I did, but at the same time I didn't love myself. Becoming the workaholic
was a great escape from going within and feeling things I didn't want to feel. Not sure what I was afraid of, now that I look back. Perhaps I had a fear of the darkness, some kind of bogey man lurking within. Then again, who taught us while growing up that there is another world, another important world that exists within ourselves that is colorful and fun?

So, with this said, I found myself wrapped up in mass consciousness, pulled outside myself making the outer world my focus. This caused me to feel off balance, not inside myself and not centered. It took almost a week to get back home, the place within. I had to click my shoes a couple of times....and chant there's no place like home lol. I had a hard time going within until I felt angry and frustrated because my needs weren't being met. In some ways I had abandoned myself by immersing myself in everyone else's world and drama. It was hard to own the anger but once I did, I allowed myself to channel the anger constructively and creatively by getting still, closing my outer eyes so that I could open my inner eyes. It was a time of solitude, retreat, a moon time. It was a time of reflection, a time of being in the feminine energy of myself to receive answers and guidance from Spirit within.

The painting I created, titled DREAM ANGEL was divinely guided while I was in this space of solitude. Painting has always been a form of meditation and play, all one in the same. At first I threw white paint on the canvas, thinking that I was going to paint a commissioned piece for a customer. The paint thrown at random on the canvas took on a painting in itself. I saw wings of an angel and that symbolism lead to the angel, Dream Angel. The angel came as a messenger to remind me to close my outer eyes in order to open my inner eyes. I was feeling heaviness and darkness around me, other people's fears, so all the more I needed to feel the light within. The anger became potential energy, almost like fuel that pushed me to go deep within, to shut out the outer world. When you think about it, all feelings are just potential energy wanting to be felt and used constructively to serve one's good.

DREAM ANGEL is here to remind us to stop and go within when there is darkness or feelings of fear. I rarely paint artwork that is black and white but the black in the painting represents coming out of darkness and getting into the void. The black also symbolizes the death of the old self and rebirthing into more of my Goddess-Self. Yet, why do most of us want to avoid the void? Perhaps it's because we don't know that it exists and never felt it, so there is a fear of the unknown? You tell me. In the past, whenever I felt fear or darkness I would want to run, run from myself and keep busy. Now, I run to go within myself. The lyrics in one of Bono's songs from U2 is "she is running to stand still." Now I know what he means by this profound lyric.

How can one dream if one is asleep? What I mean is to dream while being awake consciously, being at one with oneself by going within and feeling into one's spirit. I read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and one affirmation I kept affirming was, "all my dreams come from God and God has the
power to accomplish them." Writing this affirmation gave me strength and courage to not only dream but to live the life I want and deserve!

Dream and believe to conceive! May all your dreams and desires come easy and in a fun way! Keep your inner eye on the prize. Keep it on your soul and know that it is the prize!

Author's Bio: 

I am a self-taught, award winning, mystic artist/author/spiritual coach and healer. My journey towards enlightenment began at a time in my life when I was a so called successful business woman who lost everything in the material world to find everything within, in the spiritual world. Although I had material success at the time, I wasn't happy. I felt a sense of despair and hopelessness. This lead to a crisis in my life. I didn't believe in God so I asked to receive a sign if there was a God. One day I placed watercolor paint on paper and an image of a smiling woman appeared! It was a sign from the Divine ....Feminine! I then started automatic writing whereby wisdom poured through on paper that I did not study or read about. I then realized that I was to be a vessel for the Divine Feminine/Goddess/Mother God to express Her love, magic and healing to the world. The Divine Feminine represented a new way of being and feeling,a new way of life that brings balance, peace and harmony to our patriarchal world. She showed me we are here to heal 2,000 years of spiritual suppression of the Divine Feminine that has affected women spiritually, socially, emotionally and financially. Our Mother is here to bring us back home to self-love, self-acceptance and self-respect. It is a call to empower women worldwide. The Dalai Lama once stated, "The western women will save the world."