In these times of financial crisis and confusion, it is more important than ever to stay clear, relaxed, and connected to the Flow of Divine Energy from Source that helps you ride the waves of any transition with Grace and Ease! This flow of Source Energy is always available … it is pure life force…the core Energy of all that exists that sources you with everything you need. Being able to maintain this vibration in your day-to-day life is what activates the Awakening of your Divine Potential and ultimately brings the fulfillment of your heart-felt desires and the Highest Possibility of what I call the Diamond Self Within.

The Healing Power of the Divine Feminine

When I Called for Divine Intervention during a period of intense personal crisis (in 1987), I Called not only to the Heavens for Divine help and Spiritual healing, but also to the Great Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine, for physical help to deal with my anxiety attacks and fear of abandonment. I instinctively knew that the power and peacefulness of Nature could help me with the pain, absorb it and transmute it….that I didn’t have to bear this pain alone. Nature is a perfect model of what we are but often forget… physical vessels through which Divine Energy flows. Lying down upon a fallen Oak Tree, in my refuge in Nature, and aligning my spine with its trunk, I opened to receive the Infinite Energy and Spiritual Healing Power that was flowing through it. My connection with the Power of this flow freed me from all pain and regenerated me.

This Inner Awakening and connection put me in sync with the energetic heartbeat of the Mother Earth, which gave me the same feeling of safety as a baby being in sync with its mother’s womb. This anchoring and grounding of my physical body in Nature allowed me to receive high-frequency Invisible, yet physical, Cosmic Energy safely and comfortably. Receiving the Divine Energies of both Heaven and Earth into my physical body ultimately brought me back into Vertical Alignment with my Soul and its Divine Diamond Blueprint, or Divine Plan for my life.

The Infinite Energy Flow of Vertical Soul Alignment

When we come into Vertical Soul Alignment and surrender to the flow of Divine Energy, we feel good about ourselves and life again. This alignment shifts our focus from the difficulties in the external horizontal world, to the unspeakable Joy and deep Inner Peace of our inner Vertical world and we feel more fulfilled from the inside out. Our “YES” to this alignment makes us feel more alive, more passionate and freer to be ourselves.

Here is an exercise to help you come into Vertical Soul Alignment by opening an energetic pathway to receive and allow a flow of Divine Energy to flow through you:

? Close your eyes and focus on your breath.
? Imagine a waterfall of Infinite Light Energy from the Sun coming down through your head all the way through the central core of your body…down your legs and out of your feet.
? Visualize this energy moving down into the Earth…now experience that you are a conduit of this Divine Energy flowing to the Earth.
? Stay in the image for 2-3 minutes.
? Enhance it by saying to yourself “Yes, I am willing to receive”
? How do you feel? As you open your channel to receive, more Divine Energy comes through you onto the Planet and you become a conscious vessel for this Divine Flow.

Now try it the other way:

? Close your eyes and focus on your breath.
? Imagine the flow of volcanic energy coming up from the core of the Earth through your feet, up your legs, up through the central core of your body…. into your brain and through your head.
? Now you have received the flow of energies from the Mother Earth’s core. Have you ever seen hot lava coming up from the center of the Earth? It’s pure creative power that formed its natural and profound beauty.
? Again, enhance the experience by saying “Yes, I am willing to receive.”

Receiving the Divine Gift of Diamond Alignment

Over the years, my physical body became the conduit for a tremendous Flow of Divine Energy as my nervous system was being rewired to prepare me for what was to happen next. In 1992, an inner doorway opened in my Being to an unexpected Mystical Experience, in which I experienced direct contact with a most loving and powerful Divine Presence that I can only describe as my Higher Heart Intelligence. With my unequivocal “Yes” to receive its gift, this Intelligence transmitted to me, through Light and Color, a Divinely-inspired Architectural Blueprint for a physical, yet invisible, energetic chamber, that had the power to hold me in Vertical Soul Alignment without any effort on my part.

The pure Infinite Energy of Love, Joy and Inner Wisdom transmitted by the Chamber saturated every cell of my body and mind and I was re-birthed and healed from the inside out. As my Connection and Alignment with this Divine Energy grew stronger, I ultimately became the architect of a Sacred Technology that has the power to bring in the flow of Cosmic Energy safely and comfortably right where we are. I call this Sacred Technology, Diamond Alignment.

Aligning with the Divine through Diamond Energy Activation

Diamond Alignment delivers, via the Internet, a transmission of this same high-frequency Cosmic Energy through a revolutionary online phenomenon: the Diamond Alignment Experience. This multi-sensory Diamond Energy Activation clears the mind, relaxes the body, creates a sense of Inner Peace and raises one’s energy vibration to a higher level – in only 6 minutes. The peacefulness and “good feeling” that I experienced when I was on my Oak Tree in the forest, surrendered to the Divine Presence, can now be experienced anytime…anywhere.

When you get up in the morning and open your computer screen to log on for the 6-minute Diamond Alignment Experience, you are saying "Yes" to aligning your body, mind and Spirit, with this high-frequency Diamond Energy Flow, and creating a clear internal passageway, for the Flow of Cosmic Energy, Diamond Energy, to be fully received on a cellular level, which raises your vibration. Once you are in alignment with the higher vibration of the Diamond Consciousness, you will walk in this Flow the rest of your day. This Flow state of Inner Alignment and Higher Vibration has the Power to call forth one’s Highest Diamond Potential in every arena of life…mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and materially …without effort.

Receiving Diamond Energy Activation on a Global Scale

Diamond Alignment World Activation ... Beginning December 21, 2009 on the Solstice, we CALL you to join us in globally anchoring Diamond Light and Alignment into our world by accepting our heart-felt invitation to a 22-day virtual global Celebration of Diamond Alignment World Activation ... a time of Inner Awakening, Diamond Consciousness Activation and Diamond Energy Healing. During the Celebration, unlimited access to the transcendent 6-minute online multi-sensory Diamond Alignment Experience is being offered for FREE to All, 24 hours a day, through January 11, 2010.

Our Mission for Diamond Alignment World Activation is: To accelerate a global shift in Collective Consciousness through the global delivery of a Sacred Technology, Diamond Alignment, which vibrationally aligns individuals, communities and institutions with the Diamond Within and the natural flow of Source Energy, activating Diamond Consciousness and the Highest Diamond Potential of living in the Power of Diamond Joy, Equanimity, Freedom, Spiritual Fulfillment and Wealth of Being (the integration of Spiritual wealth and material abundance).

Author's Bio: 

Jacqueline Joy, the Inner Peace expert, is passionately committed to her vision of accelerating a 'critical mass' shift in Collective Consciousness through the global delivery of Diamond Alignment, A Sacred Technology offering Diamond Energy Activations. A Spiritual Warrior with a solid anchoring in the business world, Jacqueline Joy uses a new paradigm she calls Sacred Business to deliver the revolutionary online phenomenon of Diamond Alignment to individuals worldwide, in order to bring forth Diamond Consciousness and a world where pain, sorrow and suffering are transmuted into Freedom, Joy and Equanimity and all beings are living in their Highest Diamond Potential and Purpose.