by Dr. Idara E. Bassey

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Think about the times you really wanted to get something done- perhaps you cleared your mind in an attempt to rid yourself of distractions, buckled down and got focused. And more often than not, if your preparatory efforts were well-intentioned and sincere, sometime later, tangible evidence of progress began to come into view. When your whole being is engaged in a clearly defined pursuit, on a singular path, you are rewarded with the fruits of your labor- this is a simple enough concept for most of us to understand.

What may not be immediately apparent is the energy dynamic at play beneath the surface. When we wish to create anew- be it a physical object, a state of being or a transformation of any kind, we begin with some vision of the end point in mind. This is where the creative process begins, and any eventual manifestation in a form we can interact with depends on what extent all pistons are firing, so to speak, with all the other relevant players.

For example, say you want a new car. It would be quite reasonable to visualize the vehicle in question, perhaps to think about the features you would prefer; its appearance or even to conjure up the sensation of tootling along on the freeway at top speed. Again, all plausible things to consider-however, stopping at this stage of the game would make it very unlikely that that car would ever arrive in your driveway. Thoughts must eventually morph into action, and if they do not, we can clearly see that as far as the desired goal of securing a vehicle is concerned, a key component is missing- the energy of integration that is present whenever we take an action that is in alignment with our desired objective.

When we expand our vantage point to the broader issue of how we live our lives, we can also apply this same thinking about operating from an integrated core to the success (or lack thereof) we achieve, both personally and professionally. Say you would like more synergy between your personal values and your career path. And while you may make this declaration to yourself, the you who wishes to impress friends and family is relying a bit too much on how well your current title “presents” to the world, the cynical part of you wonders whether your goal is a bit too unrealistic given the present economic climate, and the worried part of you figures it’s better to continue suffering in your present job rather than face the unknown of exploring different options. At the end of the day there is a considerable disconnect at work here, and not surprisingly as a result, the status quo will continue to limp along. Thoughts are developing into “actions” alright, but the question is whether said actions are in alignment with the results you desired to begin with.

To move beyond this kind of disconnect that is operating here additional energy must be expended and two options immediately come to mind- you can continue to spin your wheels by using your energy to find new and inventive ways to wonder why your goal of a fulfilling professional position is not any closer in sight.…OR you could shift gears and actually bring your actions into alignment with your hopes for a career path where you can really shine. With the latter option, each and every action we take moves us closer to realizing our intention and a very different energetic momentum is unfolding. An integrated approach to living is emerging. Tangible progress is much more likely when all component parts- intentions, thoughts and actions are singing from the same hymnal.

What kinds of actions support us in operating in an integrated fashion in our lives?

• Being clear on our values
• Choosing relationships with supportive, like-minded people
• Eliminating aspects of our life experience that pull us away from our best selves
• Cultivating a dialogue with people who are already where we would like to be

Our effective and satisfying operation in the world flows beautifully when we come from a space of unified focus. Deciding who we wish to be and putting some quality attention into determining just what is necessary (and what needs to be “minimized”) to bring the vision of the life we desire into fruition means we have much more to offer. Cheers to making yourself a priority in this fashion and best wishes on the quest!

Author's Bio: 

Idara E. Bassey is a lawyer and holistic life coach engaged in assisting acutalizing professionals with “Living their Light & Illuminating the Corporate Soul.” She will be facilitating a women’s empowerment workshop during Women’s History Month on March 24th entitled “Living Powerfully: A Step by Step Process” at the Decatur Healing Arts Center. For more information visit her website at