Have you ever heard opportunity knock? Are you aware it knocks in large and small ways every day?

I was banging on the door of an organization for about 6 months. Nothing happened. I couldn't even get an email returned. Although I was frustrated, I kept knocking (literally emailing and calling). Oh, and let's not forget social media; I reached out through LinkedIn to several connections. But, to no avail.

As I began what I dubbed #theSpontaneousJourney I sat in Alabama. Visiting a friend, working on my writing assignments, and just relaxing. After all, there isn't much to do as far as networking opportunities in this part of Alabama. Suddenly, I saw a post on social media for an opportunity to attend an event with this organization in Nashville. That just happened to be my next stop on #theSpontaneousJourney and I would be there at the time of this event! How fortuitous.

As I eagerly awaited the day in Nashville I made sure I cleared my calendar for the day after to follow up with any good leads. During the evening of the event, I made a few good connections.

One connection led to a meeting, a story, and then a bigger opportunity. I will be going to Costa Rica to cover a very cool story with another organization next month!

I used airbnb to travel and heard opportunity knock in small ways, too. I spent a few nights with five college students from Brazil and the UK. Two of them missed their dogs and the companionship a dog provides. Because I was traveling with my dog they had the chance to play with mine. The smile that put on their faces was priceless.

I spent the night in the home of someone that housed a foster child. She and I had several hours to talk. I was able to answer "opportunity" by feeding hope into this young life through the conversations we had. She thanked me by bringing me a homemade treat from a celebration she had with friends. That small gesture showed me I impacted her life in a small way just by being available.

Although I am back home, I wouldn't say #theSpontaneousJourney has ended yet. Opportunity knocked several times while on the road. The results of me recognizing when opportunity was knocking are still playing out.

Whether opportunity knocks in a big way such as going to another country to cover a story or in a small way such as spending a few nights in the same house with a foster child and feeding hope into their lives through conversation, opportunity knocks daily. Are you listening for it? Will you answer the door? Are you willing to take the "risk"?

Because I used airbnb to travel, I met people from all over the world with diverse backgrounds. I stayed with yoga instructors, world travelers, songwriters, foster children, project managers, salespeople, and so many others. Where can you connect with so many types of people. I have stories to tell for years to come. And, I had opportunities I would never have had sitting on my couch at home.

It's worth it to take risks. Take a leap of faith and open the door to opportunity. I encourage you to recognize opportunity, answer its knock, and take your own journey. It won't look anything like mine because it's yours. Go on, answer the door. Opportunity is knocking.

Author's Bio: 

Royce has a diverse background ranging with experience in sales, management, program director roles, and as an entrepreneur for nearly 20 years. Her entrepreneurial ventures launching nine start-ups have allowed her to develop her skills in marketing, writing, consulting, and leadership. Royce has been asked to speak to groups of up to 200 on leadership, faith, and business skills. She is an active member of Toastmasters and volunteers in her community. Recent highlights of her career include winning a business plan competition on a social enterprise business model, coaching a student who was accepted into the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU), and mentoring at Start-Up Weekend and Ashoka sponsored events at Rollins College.

Royce has written and developed curriculum teaching others how to make productive life choices to thrive, not survive.Royce is currently in the process of writing her first short story and developing several webinars on social enterprise. She enjoys working with at-risk populations and has developed curriculum and facilitated experiential learning sessions to help them break free of unproductive patterns.

She recently published her first book "7 Beautiful Weeks: The Love Affair That Wasn't Meant to Last"