If I were to ask you, “What was the last opportunity which came into your life?” how would you answer me? Would you be able to provide me the details around when and how it happened? Or would you be an individual who would say to me, opportunities never seem to happen for me. They happen for my neighbor, or friend or the person with whom I work, but that really special opportunity that will allow me to move forward with my life just does not happen. Would you bemoan that those around you receive all the lucky breaks in life, but you are doomed not to have anything good happen to yourself?

As we move into the month of May, my “Motivations” calendar greets me with a picture of flowers blooming of all different vibrant colors. The caption underneath the picture of the flowers reads, “Being open to new ideas can produce surprising results”. It’s not always easy to be open to new approaches or ways of doing things. As individuals, we become comfortable with the familiar that is around us. Even if something is a struggle, we can often give into the thought process that it always has to be the way it is, and cannot be different from what we know. That is how people wind up in jobs that they hate, live in a location that they don’t enjoy, or just accept that the things in their life that they don’t want or like are just meant to be.

When I began my coaching studies, one of the earliest concepts I was introduced to was the “Law of Attraction”. As individuals, we tend to attract into our life that energy which we put out. Expect the worst that can happen and more often than not it is likely to happen. On the other hand, if we approach a situation, even an uncomfortable one, looking at the aspects of it which give us the most likely chance for a successful outcome, we are ready to seize it when it comes about.

Just the other day my wife let me know of an opportunity that came into her life. For the last couple of years she has been tutoring adults who have difficulty with reading in improving their literacy. It is a volunteer position which she has enjoyed doing 3 times a week and one in which the pleasure for her comes in the progress made by her students. She has been retired from her first career for almost two years now. She has said to me that she is ultimately looking for that right next position in her life, but until she has more clarity as to what that may be, she was open to enjoying her time and contributing by using her skills from her first career as a teacher in helping others.

The organization for which she has been volunteering reached out to her. There are openings becoming available for part-time salaried positions which are aligned with her skills as an educator. While we still do not know if ultimately she will be offered or accept one of the available positions, she was asked in for an initial interview to explore her interest in the roles. Additionally, until such time that we know whether she is offered one of the positions or not, my wife will continue to tutor her current students, (and perhaps an additional one or two). As she has said to me, she is honored to even be considered for the openings, and they were positions that she had not even considered seeking. However, because she approached her life with an openness to be ready for what was to come next into her life, an opportunity not expected may have presented itself.

Those open to new ideas do so from a positive emotional and attitudinal basis. They don’t make themselves out to be victims. They don’t take the mindset of being out for them self and look to hurt the other individual. Instead, their emotions are based on more of being rationally open to what may occur. Or they may be like my wife where they exhibit concern for the benefit of others and it is recognized as being a perfect fit for a role that calls for that emotion. Still others look for opportunities where they may be able to build something which is better than already exists and in turn share it for the benefit of all with whom they come in contact.

As we move into the new month, examine where your mindset has been. If it has had you down, frustrated or angry, understand what has put you into that disposition. Look to let those thoughts go. Then look to clear out your thoughts to a clean slate, open to every person, situation or item that comes into your life being a new opportunity for you to explore. Not all opportunities may lead to where it is that you want to head next in your life. However, you may be surprised that by being open to all ideas, the ones which may come along and surprise you when they materialize beyond what you ever expected.

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