Let's talk a little bit about refunds. Well, let's start where the process begins, with sales. I want to talk about one of the wisdoms they teach us—that in the business environment, we're all salespeople, but some people have a specific responsibility.

Those, of course, are the ones who get rewarded most highly in any organization—the salespeople. And the business owners, who of course are salespeople, even when there is a synergy, a MasterMind, a complimentarity, where everybody does their own particular thing. They always say, "Reward the behavior that you want to encourage."

In other words, if you want to encourage the dollars that come into the organization, you award your commissions based on that. You don't award them based on the number of sales calls people make, because they can make a bunch of sales calls just to get extra commissions when they really didn't put their effort, heart, strategy, and consciousness into making more sales.

Now, back to refunds. I had a lady contact me recently from Norway, for a product purchase that she made two years ago. And of course this happens to be in a recession, when people are looking for money. And I thought, as we'd say in Texas, "What a piss-poor excuse for a human being."

She wants to run through something two years ago that oh, by the way, she said she didn't get. She also threatened me with the law in Norway. What's happened there is that the crybabies of the world have been rewarded and rewarded, and easy refund policies rewarded.

The credit card companies reward, so that now, the consumers and customers have gotten worse and worse.

By the way, it's not all that way. You may know that I've spent a lot of time in Colombia. When you take something out of the store there, it's yours. In Panamá, when you take something out of the store, it's yours. You better open up the box and make sure everything works before you leave.

But in America and the developed countries of Europe, we have trained people, and reward people for being babies.

Now, it started out as a good idea, right? Consumer protection is a solid idea. A 30-day warranty or 60-day warranty is a good idea. But people take it to the extreme, which is what's happening here. With this lady, it's been two years. She was lying in saying she didn't get the product; we have a signed receipt.

Of course, it didn't have any effect other than for us to get a few laughs and double-check the delivery receipt.

But you see what's happened. And a lot of this is happening in America, too. You're familiar with the long lines around the bailout brigade, right? We're telling people…”It doesn't matter how badly you screw up, how badly you screw consumers, how poorly you handle your own affairs.

That you bought a house that you knew you couldn't pay for in three years when the rates went up, and now we're going to rescue you.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to live in a crybaby, disempowered society.

Practically speaking – right now you do live in a crybaby society, but you don't have to participate! You can opt out of the crybaby society.

Be courageous, stand on your own two feet, do the right thing. Because everybody receives the results, inevitably, of their own behavior.

Be strong, be brave, do the right thing, and you will stand tall.

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