As an IT seller, if you are selling complex products, quoting can become slow with a manual approach. With an insane number of variables involved in quoting complex products, it might take days to close a deal.

You simply cannot use excel sheets to create and quote a custom configuration. As product range increases and complexity grows, you will have a hard time speeding up your configuration process.

Excel sheets have not been designed to quote complex products. Companies that use excel sheets often face problems in quoting tailored products. Rapid growth in product complexity can be easily handled using CPQ software solutions.

Quotations in a few Minutes

With a CPQ software at your disposal, any request for custom configuration can be answered in the minimum amount of time. No longer making your customers wait and reducing the chances of winning the deals.

If traditional methods are taking several hours to understand and meet complex quoting requirements, process automation through CPQ will allow you to complete your quote in a matter of minutes.

When selling complex products sales cycle can be lengthy but with CPQ tools there is absolutely no delay in the sales process. You can create that perfect, predictable sales cycle and close deals faster.

With excel sheets, errors during quoting are a given. On the other hand, CPQ solution comes with features that prevent quoting errors. In simple words, the quoting tool makes it impossible for errors to occur while quoting.

Guided Selling - Eliminate Human Error

CPQ tools come with built-in guided selling feature that enables you to clearly understand customer needs while configuring products. The feature guides you in making correct configurations.

As we all know, customers request a product configuration or bundled product with specific criteria. Guided selling feature asks a series of questions to understand that criteria and accordingly suggest correct options to fulfill customer needs. This eliminates the guesswork needed to configure a complex product.

Guided selling is particularly useful when you are selling a wide range of product configurations. It removes the element of human error and makes the process of configuring products a breeze.
Many times, a guided selling feature is available to customers as well. Customers can directly configure the product on the store as per their needs. With guided selling, you can eliminate the risk of delivering inaccurate product configurations.

Multi-Channel Integration

Want to create sales documents irrespective of device and location? Well, pick CPQ apps that will enable you to sell anywhere. Just install the CPQ app on your mobile devices, which will allow you to quote complex products on the move.

You can offer an exceptional experience to your customers as they too can receive quotes on their smartphones and tablets. Handle your complex quoting activity on the go, anytime, anywhere. Any Internet-enabled device will enable you to configure price and quote products.

Boost Efficiency

Improvement in sales efficiency is one of the biggest advantages of using CPQ platform. Sales reps no longer have to search components endlessly to configure a product. They don't have to spend time to decide the best product combination that aligns with their customer's needs.

Offline Capability

Some companies offer CPQ software with offline capability as well. This means you can create quotes irrespective of whether the CPQ tool is connected to the Internet. You can manage your quoting activity with or without Internet connectivity.

On the whole, when you want to increase speed and efficiency in your complex quoting process, then incorporate a CPQ solution. It can help you to maximize your sales cycle, close deals faster and improve your overall business revenue.

Making profitable sales consistently is all about improving your quoting process. A CPQ quote software is designed to eliminate order errors and accelerate your sales. When you want to quote faster and provide the ultimate customer experience, empower your sales team with an appropriate CPQ application

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Arnaldo is an American writer for various digital news publications. After being in the eCommerce industry for more than 15 years, Arnaldo has a good understanding of what it takes to make an eCommerce business successful. He also likes to cover newsworthy events related to business management software, customer relationship management (CRM) and Quoting software