Social network marketing has become a fixture in the promotional plans of many businesses with every indication this trend will continue to grow. Online social networking is being adopted at an increasing rate by businesses located both on and off the internet. Although there is an investment of time required to be effective when using online social networks for promotional purposes the benefits are well worth it. Like any other component of an effectively run business you do want to get maximum results from any time invested when using social network sites for business purposes.

Here are 5 strategies to use to make sure you are getting the most out of your efforts when using social network sites as part of your online marketing strategy.

Keyword Use

Online social networking involves the use of text. If you are conducting business any content whether it is information, links or websites should contain the proper keywords. Just like any other areas of your online marketing strategy keyword use and placement is just as important when 'visiting' social network sites.

Create Compelling Bios

Consider your profile or the bio you create at any of the social network sites more like a banner ad. You want to create curiosity or interest but also maintain a professional tone or at least a tone applicable to what your business is. The use of a picture is also recommended since this helps put a 'face' on the person in the profile and serves to personalize it.

Remember these are social sites first so treat them as such!

Connect in 'Key' Locations

Online social networking does involve the investment of time so consider this when choosing those sites you want to work. Spread your self around as much as time will allow (but not too thin) to popular/key sites that best fit your application/needs.

Connect With 'Key' Players

With so much content 'racing' thru the system it can be easy for yours to be overlooked. Establish a connection with some of the more formidable and identifiable figures in your field. Your connection with them gives you a second chance at exposure and makes it harder to be overlooked - this also tends to increase your credibility within the field thru your 'association' with key figures.

Encourage Others to Share Your Content

Remind people that if they find your info interesting perhaps their friends will also. Do not forget the power behind viral marketing and remember these are 'networking' sites so network!

Social networking marketing has embedded itself deeply into the fibers of businesses both on and off the internet. The ability to reach a global audience involving little cost other than time has helped to explode the popularity of online social networking. Making the best use of time however should not be overlooked for any business using online social networks. The 5 strategies offered above should help to better optimize the time invested and the results you get using social networking as part of your online marketing strategy. After all for any business time is money!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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