Are you aware that SX.e/CSD supports Sub-Total Lines? And you can hide the individual line prices so the customer only sees an amount for a group of lines?
I get asked this question pretty frequently: “Our customers like to “SHOP AROUND” on price, and although overall I am lower than my competitors, they ’ll cherry pick and only buy products where I’m the lowest price and go elsewhere for the other lines, likely the lowest priced competitor(s).” You priced this so your overall margin is still decent, but for some items, margin is lower, others higher. By using the sub-totaling feature, you can eliminate a customer cherry picking only the items where you are the lowest.
And if you really want to get fancy, leverage the Pricing and Costing Worksheets in Order Entry followed by sub-totaling, especially if you’re working on something that is highly competitive. The Pricing and Costing Worksheet functionality provides you with some easy, great tools to reprice a single line, a group of lines or all lines.
It always surprises me when I explain and demonstrate these features and the users are astounded: they ’re right in Order Entry (OEET) and have been around for quite some time in both GUI and WebUI/CSD.
We’ll help you break down the recommendations into short, medium and long-term goals, or future state, and help you strategize and prioritize how to implement these changes.
Here’s a short list of some ORDER ENTRY “DID YOU KNOWS”… (that maybe you didn’t!)
Sub-Total lines
Move/Re-Order lines on an order
Re-price, one, many or all lines in a single screen using a variety of options: margin based, cost +, list and discount, chain discount, markup, total amount
You can create a QU type (Quote) directly out of OEIP pricing inquiry
Copy multiple orders into a single order
These are simply a few “gems” for sales teams. If you’re interested in learning more about the BOR process, please feel free to reach out to me, Read full blog....

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