Have you noticed how easy it is sometimes to get your order placed online or via phone? Or how quick it is to address your query at a customer contact centre? And sometimes, you don't even have to provide your details, because your details are read out to you accurately. Talk about convenience!
Interactions with some customer service centers are so much easier because your accounts details, order history and your preferences are available with them readily. This means you are most likely being assisted by automated order management software.
Gone are the days when the order delivery is awaited for days with fingers crossed. Today, businesses are all about the need for speed, efficiency and accuracy. Added to that, web-enablement and use of mobile devices mean customers want real-time visibility of the movement of their orders. From stock procurement to packaging to dispatch to delivery, customers want to stay updated. Customers demand quick, hassle-free, error-free services with real-time visibility of the order process. How the business handles orders determines customer retention.
Automation simplifies order fulfillment, shipping and tracking. Businesses that use automation can fulfill more orders in lesser time, optimize delivery and reduce costs. And no more shuffling through paper work.
The best RPA software when applied to businesses:
Improves relationships with customers
Improves relationships between work departments
Streamlines work flow
Traditional systems are siloed
Traditional order management systems involve compartments of service – Customer, service agent, vendor, warehouse, logistics, etc. More often than not these departments are disjointed. This makes the flow of information between these departments also disjointed.
Order from the customer is manually received by a service agent, details of the delivery are manually entered into the system, the order is then transferred to vendors. They get products from the warehouse based on paperwork given by the vendors. The products are then loaded onto vehicles that deliver it to the addresses provided.
Bulky paper work and separate channels of inputs and hours of typing in error-ridden data make the system inefficient and slow. And there's no telling how far the order has progressed.
What is an automated order management system?
An automated order management system streamlines workflow, improves operational efficiency and simplifies back office operations.
RPA automates manual, repetitive, time consuming tasks, and improves accuracy. An automated order processing system can make all the difference in process efficiency. In an order processing system, reduction in manual effort, and related reduction in time taken to process the order translate into huge benefits in terms of efficiency, costs and productivity. Phykon provides the best OMS software that lets all touch points in the order process have a bird's eye view of each order as it proceeds to fulfillment.
Benefits of an automated order management system
Automating the system can bring a sea change in the way in which orders are handled. Right off the bat, the most discernible benefits are savings in time and cost, improvement in productivity, quick order processing, prompt delivery, among others. Some of the prominent perks of the best order management system are:
Capture order data
Manual order data capturing can lead to a great deal of chaos and can set back order delivery significantly. The best order management systems automatically capture order data from all channels – email, phone, fax, SMS or online. This eliminates errors and duplication, ensures faster order fulfillment and improves accuracy.
Retrieve customer information
Increase the ability to react to customer contact by automatically retrieving customer information based on past interactions. Customer preferences, purchase patterns, purchases and grievances can be quickly accessed without having to go over it and prolong a service call.
Payment and debt notification
Storing and automatically retrieving payment details can smoothen the ordering process. Moreover, notifying the customer in advance about information like card expiration would be a wiser move than contacting them after the card has been declined. With manual processing, bad debts and unpaid orders are tougher to track
Integrated hub
Re-engineering the order process ensures data integration, increases real-time visibility, reduces human involvement and paperwork (which drastically reduces errors) and centralizes the process.
Improves accuracy
Customer loyalty to the brand depends largely on their experience from order to delivery. When the right order arrives, on time (or even better, ahead of time), in neat packaging, you have a happy customer. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, they would cut ties to the brand just because of a single order gone wrong. And so, every order matters.
As businesses expand, the volume of customers, orders and data increase. Automated order management systems are designed handle this increase, making businesses more flexible to the change. Phykon Direct prepares fast-growing enterprises to manage expansion, helping them grow and succeed. Phykon Direct is designed to grow with the business.
Improved customer service
When they place an order, customers place their trust in a brand. How you manage their order tells a lot about your brand and what it stands for. The best customer service solutions determine whether they would turn to the brand again and whether they would recommend it to friends.
Businesses face the risk of losing their competitive edge if they don't turn to automation for repetitive, manual tasks. Phykon offers the best RPA tools you can use to get more done in less time. Automation spells efficiency in all areas — workflow, time, cost. Automating the order process helps you grow your business by improving the speed, accuracy and consistency of service.

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