PR, within a business strategy, is essential for small and medium-sized companies to rise. The more positive the image they project in front of their target audience, the higher are opportunities to increase their sales, position their brand and get better reputation against their competitors. As per the words of Roberto Liccardo, founder of GoodNoon Media Coverage: “A good product doesn’t need an expensive PR firm to talk about it. A good product just needs a bit of added credibility for being listened to, as it talks by itself”.

If you are a startup, advertising is not yet the best option, and as a new business, there's still known to learn in this area. We suggest tips that will be useful to plan a correct strategy to position your brand, thus getting more public. Create a different kind of advertising for your brand.

Be attached to the media

Your company must keep clear objectives and try showing them, as hard as you can, in several online platforms. Remember that this will be your cover letter. At the same time, study the strategy you will use. Analyze the movements that had the most significant impact and try to duplicate them. Record the actions that had positive responses. The study of these repercussions will trace the correct path to follow.

Do not hesitate to consult with a media evaluation service. Look for analysis of external companies that can objectively evaluate the results of your campaigns and compare your progress accordingly to their recommendations. Look to your sides and use your competition's decisions as a guide, avoiding recreating bad results, like a scapegoat.

Develop a plan

Once the goals are evaluated and defined, put yourself in the shoes of your clientele. Do a study that deciphers the way of thinking of the general public, not just the target audience. This investigation will help when it comes to building the message you want to convey, and the way it should be done.

Make yourself noticed

The writing of articles, press releases or editorials is vital for this process. Maintaining a constant presence in print media and, above all, in digital media will make your brand more exposed, and you will be able to reach the status of expert in the selected field.

Additionally, contact editors and propose to appear in their platforms presenting a direct and concrete media coverage plan. Remember that the focus of your ideas must be in tune with the objectives of your business and the message you want to spread.

Handling tools

The use of storytelling is one of the best ways to communicate effectively. This powerful approach expresses the experience that users have with the specific product or service. A correct and rapid diffusion will only be achieved using all the tools.

Relationship with the media

The involvement with the press, TV or the online media is very significant. To accomplish it is vital having an agenda full of the different contacts you'll be gaining. Highlight and update the contact information of the most influential media in your region and those that achieve greater reach in social networks.

Once you have this list, call them to organize a face to face communication to discuss the outlook for your company and the industry where it operates.


This platform is another mean to make your brand known, contact them and start making proposals. Additionally, to sharing the story of your brand, explain your product and the goals you want to achieve. This action will help them convey the essence of your organization. On the other hand, having your own blog can be an excellent option to increase your presence on the Web.


This kind of internet celebrities can gather thousands or millions of loyal followers, transforming them into characters to pay attention to and imitate. If you want to position your brand, they are a walking panel, and everyone will want to use the products they use or dress, a very subtle but effective promotion.


Consumers have become accustomed to interacting with brands through social networks, provoking a closeness between both parts. This is the best thermometer that a company can have when receiving daily feedback from users, each company realizes its shortcomings and virtues.


Unlike social networks, Pinterest can use infographics as advertising, explaining the virtues and benefits of any brand, company, product or service. The organic reach of these images will make you double think if you need to continue paying for advertising on posters.


It is a platform to share content in the form of Q&A. By publishing and responding constantly you get more reach and credibility, causing people not only to ask for answers but to visit your site.

Publish on LinkedIn

This is another free opportunity to post your articles, thus legitimizing your experience. In this network, you can place links to your brand to attract traffic to your website without paying for any type of additional advertising.

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