Many of us live and work in environments full of belongings that we no longer use or need but are reluctant to part with. There are some people who find it easy to clear out unused possessions but the majority of us cling to items for often, long-forgotten, sentimental reasons. We make excuses about how an item might one day come in useful, but, in truth, we just can't bear to get rid of our "stuff".

Not only do we want to hang on to old belongings but we are accumulating new things all the time and eventually the storage in our homes just will not cope any more. One of the most important elements for people buying houses these days is how much storage there is. Built-in storage is a pre-requisite for new homes of all sizes because new house builders have researched the features that are most desirable to a home buyer. That's a surprising fact when moving home would seem to be an ideal opportunity to clear out all your old junk, but it never seems to happen.

So when your storage cupboards are full, and when your loft, garage and garden shed are all full is there any alternative to throwing away your memories?

Fortunately there are plenty of self storage facilities across the country so you will not need to throw away your memories; but organising your possessions and storing away some of them can lead to a less stressful life. If you only keep to hand all the items that you know you need and use regularly then you will be more easily able to find what you need. No longer will you have to hunt through stuffed drawers or storage cupboards looking for that important document. Your storage space in your home and office can be well-organised because you will have more space.

By removing the items you are unwilling to throw away to a self-storage unit you can gain much-needed space in your home or office and this extra space will enable you to be more organised and less stressed.

A reputable self-storage facility will have dry, secure storage units so you do not need to worry that valuable documents will become damp or be stolen. In fact, most storage facilities have much better security than the average home or office because their reputation depends on their security.

Self storage facilities are very flexible so you can have them for as short or long a time as you want and you can have as little or as much space as you want. All have easy access with many offering access 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Even those possessions that you do use but not very frequently can be stored safely – such as winter sports equipment. And for business use you can store seasonal stock and exhibition or event equipment that you may only use once or twice a year.

There are hundreds of self-storage facilities across the UK and an abundance of London self storage locations so they are not difficult to find. For added peace of mind check that your nearest storing company is a member of a trade association like the SSA (Self Storage Association) in the UK. Their standards indicate a professional level of safety and security.

Storing your belongings in your own self-storage unit can transform your home or office into a less stressful environment - just don't forget the insurance.

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