As solopreneurs our passion arises from either the services we offer or the products we make or sell. This is where our creative force is most engaged. As CEOs of our own destiny, it’s easy to skip the drudgery of everyday chores and necessary paperwork when our passion is calling us to a different action. Yet chores and paperwork left undone will eventually hamper our creativity, client relationships, and business growth. A system of organization can simplify the job at hand, making it more enjoyable and turning us into highly effective and productive business owners and professionals.

You’ve probably heard that disorganization is a sign of a creative spirit. You may feel that if you were better organized, your spirit would be diminished. However, there is a difference between disorganized paperwork and general clutter. Whereas objects lying around in a hap-hazard fashion may encourage our creativity and inspire us to think outside of the box, inefficiently managed paperwork will have both a financial and an emotional consequence.

The hidden costs of uncontrolled paperwork are realized in unpaid bills, invoices that are never mailed, checks that are never deposited, clients who are incorrectly charged, higher interest rates, missed client messages, incorrectly understood employee procedures, and poor follow up of potential clients. These missed opportunities and financial errors result in a stunted cash flow. They truly are financial costs to a small business owner.

The emotional cost is the unconscious perception that we can’t clearly see what’s coming at us. Our breath is held with the expectation that the other shoe just might drop at any moment. Our spirit struggles to survive under the cloud of frustration that comes from playing the “Easter Egg Hunt” game with our important information and documents. This costs us time and money. It keeps us from the exhilaration of our creative endeavors and eventually pulls the nose of our enterprising flight machine into the ground.

As a business owner or professional, if organizational skills have eluded you, you may wonder if the transformation to a more organized office is even possible. Without the resources and administrative staff of a larger company, there is a tendency to feel solely responsible for all aspects of your business. After all, it is your business and you “should” do it all.

Fortunately, wisdom and longevity in business teach us when it’s in our best interest to delegate duties. If you feel you can tame the paperwork yourself, then take some time now to envision an organizational system that also engages your creative side. This will keep you on track. However, if the mere idea of incorporating organization yourself leaves you feeling overwhelmed, then consider hiring a professional to set you free from the burdens that are stymieing your business or practice. The action will more than pay for itself!

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Written by Tracia Larimer, she helps clients understand their money psychology so that they can reduce stress and thrive. She can be reached at or 503-746-8303. Permission to reprint with full attribution © 2011 Tracia Larimer