What kind of organization does not want to improve the results it delivers? No matter what kind of organization we belong to, we can all agree that improving results is among our objectives. And there can be several ways of defining and measuring results. In most business organizations, improved results can mean an increase in profits, improvements in the quality of product or service offerings, a better track record for workplace safety, increased customer satisfaction, and many others. However, not too many businesses are able to find success in their efforts to improve results. And this makes it important for managers to find more effective ways of ushering improvement and development into the business.

Indeed, several organizations give effort to generate even the smallest improvements in areas that have significant impacts on the success of the business. And this leads most of us to ask why it seems so hard to arrive at the kind of results we would want to see from our efforts? There can be several reasons to this, but oftentimes, the failure to see an increase profits can be attributed to a situation that is common to most organizations: the failure to give the right kind of attention to employee performance and productivity.

Most managers fail to see the relationship between the quality of results and the quality of people in the organization. There are managers who fail to realize that the workforce can make or break the ability to achieve increased profits and to bring improved results to the business in general. And while improving profits appears to be such an elusive task, this does not mean it is entirely possible. If it were, we would not see a single organization or hear about an organization that is able to find success in its efforts.

Through several years of research, it has been determined that increasing productivity among employees plays a major role in the success of the organization. And this is mainly the reason why there are organizations that believe to increase profits means increasing productivity. This is quite true because the workforce has a major contribution in the results that an organization is trying to drive at.

The next we thinking of increasing profits, let us not be all too caught up in the idea of increasing sales. Let us also consider the factors that drive increase in sales, just like increasing productivity in the workplace.

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