If you have a big jewelry collection, you probably enjoy having so many accessory options every single day. But the downside of a growing jewelry collection is that it can be so easy to lose track of small pieces and keep everything neat and tidy. The secret to enjoying your collection is organization.

There are countless ways to organize your jewelry. Whatever system you select – and no matter the size of your collection – be consistent. If it’s a small collection, keep it visible. If it’s a large collection, keep it organized so you remember what you have.

For those with just a small collection of everyday jewelry, it’s best to keep your go-to pieces close at hand – in a jewelry box on top of your dresser, or in your bathroom or in the dressing area. You might even want to dedicate the top drawer of your dresser to jewelry. Just be sure to line the drawer with a soft fabric so the jewelry doesn’t get scratched. To store your bracelets and necklaces, screw in a line of cup hooks on the wall near a mirror. The necklaces won’t get tangled and your choices will be front and center.

If you’ve got just a couple pieces of special jewelry – either a vintage piece or one or two pieces of fine jewelry – then keep them in a jeweler’s box. If you don’t have the original boxes, purchase some at a jewelry store. And if the jewelry is something truly valuable – and you only wear it occasionally – rent a safe deposit box. It’s worth the peace of mind.

If your collection of jewelry has outgrown the shoebox-size jewelry box on your dresser, then you have a couple of choices. You can purchase a jewelry armoire, use a couple of smaller jewelry boxes, or you can store your collection in boxes and racks.

Jewelry Armoires

These jewelry chests come with several convenient drawers, shelves and racks. Often the doors swing open, revealing a line of hooks from which you can hang your necklaces, bracelets and other chains. Open other sections of the chest and you’ll find plenty of divided spaces that keep your jewelry from scratching other pieces. The armoires often have padded pillows that are perfect for tucking in rings or earrings or wrapping your watch around.

Because armoires are designed to store and protect your jewelry, the drawers, shelves and dividers are usually lined with a soft fabric to prevent scratches. You’ll also find some divided spaces that let you sort your watches from your bracelets, etc. Some armoires include removable trays so you can lift out one part of your collection to look for just the right piece. Others have lockable or hidden compartments that could deter a thief.

Jewelry Boxes

If an armoire is just too big for your collection, then maybe you should consider a couple of jewelry boxes. You can use one for your silver jewelry and one for gold. Or maybe, you want one that holds just your costume jewelry. Pick a system that meets your needs and works with how you select your jewelry.

The nice thing about this system is you can collect different boxes – some to hold watches, some rings and some necklaces and slides. Maybe the box has a nice wood finish – or maybe it’s stained glass. Just make sure that, like the armoires, the boxes have a smooth lining that protects your treasures.


A third option is a collection of boxes, racks and organizers. It will not be as attractive as a nice jewelry armoire or a lovely jewelry box on your dresser, but this system may prove the most practical. A stacking jewelry organizer can include a couple of trays with up to 40 different compartments to store your jewelry. Do you have dozens of pairs of earrings? Then consider a folding earring rack that can store up to 128 pairs. When you want to select your jewelry that day, pull out the rack, unfold it and select. When you’re done, fold it back up and put it away – well out of sight. With a system like this, you won’t overload the top of your dresser with boxes. But when it’s time to get dressed, you can see your choices at a glance, make your selection and put the boxes away.

Got a smaller collection of earrings? Then consider an earring case that has compartments for 24 pairs, but is just over 10 inches by 7 inches. There are similar boxes that hold up to 24 rings.

If your limited drawer space prevents you from using the various racks and boxes, then consider an overdoor jewelry organizer. Put this handy rack over a bedroom or bathroom door. It can hold more than 300 pieces of jewelry – keeping them right at your fingertips. One of these overdoor racks can hold up to 50 rings, 75 pairs of earrings, more than 75 bracelets or watches, and more than 100 necklaces. Have more jewelry than that? Get a second overdoor rack and put it over another door. You’ll never forget what is in your collection.

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