I. The Ten Commandments: The Simple Way to Organize Your Household

A. The First Commandment

You must not have other plans or possible distractions.

Q. What does this mean?

A. We must clean out, sort, make piles, organize junk and trust yourself ~otherwise hire a Professional. Distractions are the only thing that stops each of us in our tracks that keeps us from being truly happy.

B. The Second Commandment

You must not misuse your time.

Q. What does this mean?

A. It's a strange thing, but when you are dreading something, and would give anything to slow down time, it has a disobliging habit of speeding up. Enjoy the act of organizing and time flies.

C. The Third Commandment

You must keep the Days goals.

Q. What does this mean?

A. If your only focus and goal is to clean one room, stick to that plan and you will feel refreshed and organized when you are finished. Actions do speak louder than words.

D. The Fourth Commandment

You must honor you’re your Emotions and Feelings.

Q. What does this mean?

A. Organizing is not an Emotion or a Feeling it is an art.

E. The Fifth Commandment

You must not keep that which is broken or not used.

Q. What does this mean?

A. If you do not use it, lose it. If you don’t want to lose it, donate it. If you do not want to make a decision that is okay too. What helps me is putting things into a clear storage bin, and if I don’t need it, use it or want it in the 12 months ahead I get rid of it. I date my bins with a sharpie pen. The horizon should be your focus because you will find that in keeping an end goal of organizing will you truly find the right road.

F. The Sixth Commandment

You must not keep things that you do not value.

Q. What does this mean?

A. Albert Einstein said, “The value of a man should be inn what he gives not in what he is able to receive.” Keep what you value and take care of it.

G. The Seventh Commandment

You must not buy unnecessary items.

Q. What does this mean?

A. If you want to buy a book, give one away. If you buy a shirt you must give one away. In order to sow and reap well it is better to think about what you want to get rid of before buying any new items.

H. The Eighth Commandment

You must honor yourself.

Q. What does this mean?

A. To truly honor yourself with getting organized is to be disciplined. To get ahead in life you must “start.” Don’t wait until the timing is perfect. It’s never the right time. You will have challenges, obstacles, and decisions to be made. With each step you make it will get easier, this I promise you.

I. The Ninth Commandment

You must not desire possessions and more material things.

Q. What does this mean?

A. I believe that what we cannot give away has mastered us. It is in truly giving that will bring happiness. Organizing is simple and will free up your time and energy for things that you really want to be doing.

J. The Tenth Commandment

You must not have a bad attitude.

Q. What does this mean?

A. Put on some music, sing, smile, and know that the end results give you what you really want. Being organized will give you the control over your life and environment that brings a fulfilling lifestyle balance.

Author's Bio: 

Jackie Paulson is a qualified Paralegal and holds a two year degree from Kaplan University in Chicago, Illinois as a Paralegal.

Jackie Paulson is no stranger to Cosmetology, having spent 12 years as a Barber and a Entrepreneur, which taught her the importance of customer service.

Jackie Paulson has more than 20 years of the Hair Care Industry and experience in Management.

Jackie Paulson helps disorganized clients manage their time, energy, money and environment.
I was born highly sensitive to people's thoughts and feelings. It presented me with certain tests, learning and challenges. Having gone through such challenges, while possessing an underlying intuitive, psychological and spiritual approach to life and relationships, I have developed an understanding of human nature and empathy towards those in pain or suffering. For some reason, I have a gift around relationships, dreams and emotions. That's what people tend to gravitate to me for. Some of its intuition, some of its psychology, some of its understanding because I can often place myself in others shoes.