In order to organize your life in the hectic internet environment you'll want something lightweight, effective and convenient! Now if you're an online affiliate trying to earn a buck this need becomes even a bigger concern due to the frequency of change affiliates must contend with to be successful! Well here is probably the best note taking software you'll find available anywhere online, at least for now, and it's called Evernote!

Why use Evernote and I'll respond with 7 reasons as to why you should, simply based upon my own personal experience!


I find myself being able to save either the page or url of any site I found of interest! What's more is I don't have to leave the page but rather I can save what I want as I view it! This results in me saving information I may have otherwise skipped over due to the convenience involved in using this tool! It attaches to your browser so it's always there and ready to be used!

Time Savings

By virtue of the fact that this tool can attach itself directly to your browser, you are able to quickly access it for capturing information! The time efficiency it offers is one reason it's the best note taking software available but the benefits don't stop there!

Resource Management

Evernote also allows users to store information in folders labeled anyway you see fit which makes it easier to access for future referencing! This is just another way this tool helps you to bring order to an internet environment that is constantly churning out new information! Any online affiliate can find and save content or product possibilities with speed and ease! This allows marketers to maintain their focus on any current project or task while simultaneously increasing their competitive edge and resources!

Easy Access

Retrieving information you may have stored is hassle free and fast since once again this software can be opened right from your browser! What this means is that any page or window you may be currently viewing will NOT be closed since Evernote opens in a new window altogether! Here again since it's so easy to access it's much more likely that it will be used!


I don't know about you but I used to have so many damn bookmarks saved that they literally became useless to me! I never took the time to organize what I saved thereby creating what amounted to be a useless and disorganized mess! Since I began using this tool however I can find, save and organize any information I want and quite easily! I am also learning to break my bookmarking dependencies while at the same time benefiting more from the information I do collect!


If you have a tight budget this should not be a factor since as already mentioned above this tool is freely available! Oh yeah, you don't have to be an online affiliate or even have an internet business to benefit from using this tool! Anybody doing research for whatever reason will find if they give Evernote a chance that it's the best note taking software they'll find regardless of price!

Common Sense

With something like this for FREE why would you NOT at least try it and see? You DON:T always get what you pay for and in this case you may just get more than you expected! Don't believe me than simply give this software jewel a try and worry not...I won't be the one to tell you I told you so!

One of the best options available for you to organize your life while working in the hectic internet environment is Evernote! The need to be organized is especially true for the typical online affiliate who must contend with constant change concerning both products and trends! Well Evernote, in my opinion is the best note taking software found online and the 7 reasons reviewed above are why I think this way! Do yourself a favor if you aren't using this tool as of yet to give it a try and see if it doesn't help you become more organized when working within the always dynamic internet environment!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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