Smart phones, with their many features and capabilities, have become a staple in daily life.

It's the first thing that we check in the morning and the last thing we put down before we go to sleep.

Without it, I know that my life would be in complete chaos.

One of the main reasons for my day-to-day organizational success is my smart phone's calendar feature.

Since the calendar is on my personal device, I feel comfortable adding anything of importance without fear of it being publicized or scrutinized.

The more I have learned to effectively use this feature, the more my productivity level has increased.

Here are some suggestions of tasks and reminders that can be added to your calendar that will help organize your life.

Less Common Reminders:

* Inside home maintenance -
drain water heater, clean out dryer vent, change air filters, check heat and A/C units, add salt to filtration system, change water filters, clean out pool pumps, add septic tabs, drain A/C pan, spray pest control, clean windows

* Outside home maintenance -
lant and lawn fertilization, weed and pest control, repaint and stain, pressure wash, clean windows and screens, check doors and windows for leaks, check roof for wear and damage

* Car maintenance -
oil changes, regularly-scheduled service, state inspection renewals

* Doctor recommended self health checks for both men and women

* Appointments for annual physicals and shots for the family as well as pets

* Dates of health-related events that need to be remembered for future reference -
shot records, illnesses, episodes, cycles, surgeries

* Milestone dates and expected accomplishments associated with personal goals

* Communication days/times, travel arrangements, events and issues that might need future attention for co-parents

* Friend's and family member's important life events, in addition to birthdays and anniversaries

Inspired Note: As I explained in an article about Strengthening Friendships, it is important to be aware of both the good as well as the bad days in your friend's lives. For example, including the date that your friend's parent passed away in your calendar will remind you to check in on them when they might need you the most.

* Contractor's milestone checks to ensure that they are on schedule

* Service provider's upcoming vacations which will allow you to find a fill-in during their absence or make an appointment before they leave -
hairstylists, nail technicians, babysitters, house cleaners, yard maintenance crew

* Bill payment deadlines for both personal and business (monthly, quarterly and annually) - association dues, college room, board and tuition fees

* Health benefits open enrollment and election period

* Due dates - rebates, gift certificate expiration, coupon expiration, movie returns, library returns, credit card payoffs for promotional rates

* Rental/ lease expiration dates - car, home/apartment, equipment, furniture, electronics, college text books

* Filing dates - taxes, property value protest, voter registration, homestead exemption, Continuing Education credits, professional license renewals

* Expiration of contracts that you might want to cancel or renegotiate - cell phone, electricity, health or country club membership, home security, home and appliance warranties, home maintenance service providers, car warranties, other miscellaneous club memberships

* Required inspections and cleanings for warrantied items -
everything from jewelry to carpet

* Expiration of identification cards/ documents -
driver's license, passport, voter ID card

* Expiration of insurance policies -
home, car, life, unemployment, short- or long-term disability, jewelry, electronics, motorized vehicles (ATVs, motor homes, boats, motorcycles)

* Expiration of subscriptions -
travel memberships, satellite radio, domain names, website hosting, magazines, online, computer anti-virus software

Inspired Note: While these providers will usually remind you repeatedly about renewing your subscription, there are 2 important things to remember:

1. The subscription might be on auto renewal, which means that you might forget to discontinue it or renegotiate the rate, and

2. Since you see reminders constantly, you likely dismiss them without further thought. It won't be until you need the service that you realize that the renewal has lapsed.

* Back up tasks -
computers, phones, audio players, pictures, videos, documents, email

* End-of-year tasks -
drop off or mail donations, fund retirement, college, and children's accounts, pay property taxes, pay neighborhood association dues, make large purchases that decrease tax liabilities

Routine Reminders:

* Take daily vitamins

* Monthly medicine for both people and pets

* Dentist appointments, scheduled 6 months out

* Family member's extracurricular activity's dates/ times and payments due

* Weekly volunteer commitments and upcoming charity events

* School calendar, which includes early release days, days off, testing, end of reporting periods

* Service provider appointments - pest control (for inside treatment), landscaping crew (unlock the gates), housecleaning, pool cleaner

* Wednesday's date night with my husband

* My husband's travel dates

* Vacation dates

* Upcoming parties and events

* Pick up neighbor kids at the bus stop when I get my own

* Recurring chores for each weekday

Regardless of whether the reminder is more or less routine, don't forget to set your alarm, if it is of vital importance.

Allow your smart phone to do the heavy lifting for you.

Also, seeing these reminders in your calendar "list" view, not only let's you know what is right around the corner, but also helps you plan and budget accordingly.

I am a firm believer of renegotiating rates and quickly cancelling unused services when contracts expire.

Tracking expiration dates in my calendar is one of the single most important proactive tasks that I do to help cut my budget with little effort.

With minimal self-training to keep a close eye on your day, you can get infinitely more accomplished than you ever thought possible.

Here's to another Inspired Minute!

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