Who wants to go to the office each day only to be met with mountains of unfiled paperwork in one corner, folders and documents thrown all over your desk, loads of old outdated computer disks pushed here, piles of reports there?

Old coffee mugs, old discarded reports along with newspapers. Remember what it was like when you could find anything on your desk with ease? Wouldn’t it be great to find the your stapler, scissors, a pen, pencil or how about your keyboard and computer mouse easily? There is an easy solution to this simple problem, organize your office or workspace.

First, clear the walk-way in and around your office or work area. Remove any unneeded office equipment, boxes and containers kept along the walls as well as under a cubicle. You'll be amazed at the additional room you'll gain as a result and less clutter and chaos results in less stress.

What's the most important thing in your office or work space which is used regularly? Your desktop. Your desktop and also work area is a lot more than simply conducting chit-chats with your coworkers.

It's there to keep essential files and also documents, your computer system, telephone, maybe fax machine also. Concentrate on cleaning up this first. Clean off everything and group similar items along with like items on the floor nearby.

Put folders that need to be filed along with other folders being filed, put loose documents to be filed together, keep all your pens and pencils and highlighters together. Are you starting to get the idea? Throw out or shred any paperwork that's no longer relevant to work you're doing or have done.

First drafts of documents and newsletters as well as old newspapers and also post it notes for finished tasks, shred or toss into the trash.

If you think you'll need more help with your organization, buy or ask for more hanging file folders for your filing drawers or desktop shelves. Drawer organizers pertaining to writing devices, staples, staplers, paperclips, etc will also be a tremendous help. You can also use hanging bins which attach directly to a wall or even hook over the top of your cubicle wall.

Label the bins along with shelves and file folders so that you can find an item when you're searching for it. You might take this organization one step further by arranging labeled files alphabetically.

Hang a message board or even magnetic whiteboards on the wall so that you can remember important reminders as well as appointments. Have you thought about using a paper weight to help hold and secure loose papers on your desk.

It cannot be overemphasized, when you organize your office or work area it very much reflects your character and personality. If you would like to be looked at as organized, efficient and capable, it's highly recommended and beneficial to have a work area that echoes as well as projects this attitude.

Organization may be able to help encourage your coworkers not only to become organized, but remain that way. A little time and effort organizing your workplace will offer several enduring positive effects, you simply need to get it done.

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If you want to gain control at work you first need to get organized. An organized office / work area lets those around you know you are in control. You just have to take the first step.