I will never forget the first time I read a book, then saw the movie afterwards. It was "Jaws" in 1975, I was in 5th grade. It was so neat to know what was coming, yet anticipating seeing it come alive in front of you, even if you knew parts were going to be scary.

And it's here again, just like the movie Jaws. Only this time, it's the Bible and it is very clear and very specific. As scary as it may seem, I still love to see where it speaks of the riots in Egypt that are happening today... and know that it was written nearly 2,750 years ago! I also love that we were told ahead of time about the coming food crisis, "a days wages for a loaf of bread" is coming, just as sure as every other thing in the Bible has come true and/or now coming true.

We opened Family Ready Food to give our friends a chance to plan ahead and be prepared. We have extended Free Shipping to our friends at Self Growth. This will save you between $20-$400!

You know hard times are coming, I hope you are planning with your family. This food is cheaper, healthier, easier and TASTIER than nearly all other food in the grocery store. I'm not kidding.

- oh, and it's lasts for 10 years, we call it HUNGER INSURANCE. Call me (Holly Boyd) at 740 757 2944

Author's Bio: 

Holly Boyd is a Christian Professional Organizer, Author, Speaker who decided with her husband to open up FAMILY READY FOOD LLC. We want others to know the Peace that comes from being prepared for a Crisis, man made or otherwise!