If your family is like most, paper clutter and chaos is probably one of your most challenging organizational issues. In today's busy world, it can be quite difficult to keep household paperwork organized. Even though the thought of a "paperless office" might sound appealing, the fact remains that most homes have far too much paper. If you'd like to get the paper mess in your home under better control, dealing with the daily mail can be a great place to start.

The Disadvantages of Poor Mail Handling Strategies

Most individuals have experienced the grief of disorganized mail at least once in their life. Even if you strive to stay organized and open the mail when it first arrives, it can be easy to get behind on things. Not opening your mail when it first arrives can cause a number of different problems, such as bills not getting paid on time or being unaware of party invitations and other date-sensitive events. Since many companies send limited time coupons and sale flyers via the mail, not opening your mail in a timely fashion can actually cause you to waste money. Plus, just knowing that you have a pile of unopened mail stacked on the countertop or the foyer table can make you feel stressed and uncomfortable.

Getting Started

Although you might want to improve your family's mail handling procedures, it can often be difficult to get started. If you already have one or more large stacks of unopened or disorganized mail sitting around your house, you might feel as though you need to get the old mail sorted before embarking on a plan for new incoming mail. Unfortunately, this way of thinking often means that you'll never get started on a new plan. Instead of worrying about that old stack of mail, go ahead and implement a plan for new mail. After all, you can always go back later and deal with the outdated mail. Plus, if you don't get a plan in place for the new mail, you'll just keep making the pile of disorganized and outdated mail larger and larger.

Choose a Location and Mail Handling Method

If you live alone, managing your incoming mail can be a very simple process. Opening and processing the mail as soon as it comes into your home can often be the best approach. By placing a small wastebasket in your foyer, you can simply open the mail and discard the junk mail and unneeded envelopes immediately. You could also immediately file incoming bills, coupons and other important pieces of mail. A multi-pocket file folder often works nicely for this task.

If there are multiple people in your family, dealing with the daily mail can be a bit more challenging. It's important to choose a centralized location where the incoming mail should be placed, regardless of who brings it into the house. A sorting bin with one compartment for each family member can also work well, providing everyone with his or her own personalized "mailbox." If you prefer this approach, be sure that everyone knows that they need to sort the mail into the personalized mail slots whenever they bring the mail into the house.

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