Your home is your castle and it's the one place you should enjoy a calm and peaceful environment, where you're in control and at peace. Considering that your kitchen epitomizes your lifestyle and gets the most traffic, it's a really good idea to keep this area of your home as organized as you can. Here are some simple tips for you to follow that will help you with organizing your kitchen.

First, go through your kitchen and seriously look at everything you have there and answer these questions... What do you always use? What do you hardly ever use? What do you never use? If you have any appliances, dishes, pots and pans, utensils etc. you can sell them in a garage sale, give them away or toss into the trash if somethings broken or you just don't want anymore.

After you've determined what things to keep and get rid of, you should think about useful functionality. What utensils, appliances or tools do you use regularly?

Needless to say, these items should be located so you have easy access to get at them. For example, most utensils could be kept in a standing container next to your stove or oven as opposed to taking up valuable drawer space. Remember the main objective is ease of access.

It's sometimes helpful to look at the various areas in your kitchen as specific zones. Each zone is for particular routines such as meal-planning, preparing food, cooking, serving or storage. Decide what items go in each zone. Think about the kitchen flow as well as convenience when organizing your kitchen.

Next, empty all the drawers and cabinets. Group like items together with like items. As an example, glassware with glassware, plastic containers with plastic containers, pots and pans with pots and pans, etc. Put aside the things you find that are broken, damaged or no longer useful or wanted. Make a garage sale pile. Do the same thing with your pantry, refrigerator and freezer.

Now it’s time to put things where they belong. Keep in mind the zones of the kitchen that you planned out and the items frequently used within them. For example, pots, pans, spatulas, whisks and ladles should really be placed close to the stove.

Small appliances, knives, sharp tools as well as cleaning supplies needs to be put into properly secured storage areas when not being used so children can't reach them. Rarely used items and utensils should really be put on the top shelves.

With the pantry, put the same food groups together. As an example, group canned vegetables together with canned vegetables, soups with soups, rice and grains with other rice and grains, breakfast cereals with other breakfast cereals, snacks with snacks, etc.

Having an organized kitchen will make cooking so much easier and and less stressful when you can get to what you need with ease. Assigning a work area for everything can help you locate what you're searching for when it's needed, saving you time and effort.

When you have a clean and properly organized kitchen you'll find your tasks will flow much more smoothly thus making it more pleasant when you prepare your families favorite meals.

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Organizing your kitchen the simple way.