New Deal is the name given to President Roosevelt’s reform programs. It was implemented during the year 1933 through 1939.

Origins of New Deal

Origins of the new deal can be summed up as follows.
The term originated in 1932 with when President Roosevelt pledged the new deal to himself and people of America.
It was a combination of the “square deal” advanced by President Theodore Roosevelt and “new freedom” of Woodrow Wilson.
New deals attempted at providing relief to unemployed and promote recoveries from economic depressions.
It also aimed at providing recovery from economic depressions as well as carrying out political, economic as well as social reforms.
Attempts were made to achieve the goal by expanding the functionalities of the federal government gently.

Brief Background

When Roosevelt introduced the new deals in March 4th 1933, depression had brought down the economic activities in United States to a new low. In his attempt to fight out the peril, Roosevelt took the following steps.
He immediately closed all the banks as one of the emergency measures during the economic downtrend.
He also summoned the Congress into a special session.
In the span of the next 100 days the Congress had already adopted a drastic program introducing great reforms and innovations.
To raise the farm incomes, AAA or the Agricultural Adjustment Act was put in place. It established the system of agricultural subsidies and at the same time limited the production.
Typical among the new deals were the National Industrial Recovery Act that was considered by many as the first new deal seeking economic recovery.
New deal involved cooperation between public and private entities as well as the labor forces in the country.
Anti-trust law was suspended.

Other Acts in the New Deals

Origins of new deals were also substantially supported with a few other Acts to the effect. Some of the landmark legislations were as follows.
Act that resulted in the establishment of the Tennessee Valley Authority.
Act initiating the regulation of stock exchange as well as the banking activities.

Millions of people were employed in the public works programs and new responsibilities for relief were established imposing them on the Federal Government.

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