Orillia is a cool city, included in Simcoe County, that lies at the southern part of Ontario, Canada. The town is nestled in the middle of Lakes Couchiching and Simcoe, and this location has been one of the strengths of the city, fueling the tourism industry. Over the years, it has become a commercial center and has been deemed as one of the ideal summer resorts in Ontario. Laze around the Sunshine City and be enthralled with its small-town charm. Get yourself busy yet happy with its cultural attractions and contemporary amenities.

Fast Facts

  • The city council protects and maintains Orillia’s small-town appeal by restricting the construction of large edifices especially in downtown.
  • Its nickname “Sunshine City” was adapted from Stephen Leacock’s ‘Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town’.
  • Orillia’s name has Spanish roots. It was derived from “orilla” which means ‘water’.
  • Its name also has a second spelling, “Aurelia,” that was never officially recognized and was deemed a clerical blunder.
  • Orillia was the first ever city to introduce daylight saving time across North America.
  • In addition, it was the first to build hydro electric transmission plant.

Things to Do

Whatever the season is, there are plenty of things to do in Orillia. For individuals whose thing is history, the architectural heritage sites and historic monuments in town are waiting to be explored. If you’d come by on a summer, the sandy beaches would invite you to take a dip. Immerse yourself in the fun that water sports can bring about. Appreciate the beauty of nature through hiking on the expansive trail system or hopping aboard a locomotive for a train ride. Hit the clean and lush parks for a picnic. Explore the downtown and get yourself ready for the ultimate shopping and dining experience Orillia-style. Book your Orillia Hotels with Reservations.com.

When to Visit

The town hosts different annual events but the most popular are Christmas in June and the Perch Fishing Festival. Christmas in June is held every June and it is organized by the Port of Orillia. The event features a turkey buffet and boat decorating contest. The Perch Fishing Festival, meanwhile, includes a large outdoor fair fully packed with fun activities like frying perch. In addition, there is also a contest where participants will hunt for the netted and tagged fish after it was released into the lake. Monetary prize await the winner. Thousands of tourists attend these fairs every year.

Best Museums

Orillia has its share of the best museums. Reflect on the colorful past of the town with the vast collection of relics and memorabilia that are on display at the Orillia Museum of Art and History. Different paintings and art masterpieces are also on exhibit. Be amused and astonished with the Stephen Leacock Museum which was housed in the waterfront home of the celebrated humorist. Marvel in its period furniture and humor yourself with the works of the renowned writer. The structure was deemed as a National Historic Site. Detective agent-wannabes can also take pleasure as well in the Ontario Provincial Police Headquarters Museum that features memorabilia and period items of the police force.  

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